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Target: Reader’s 90% off Target Summer Clearance Finds

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I have received so many awesome photos of your clearance finds I just had to share some of them. I didn’t head out to my store today, and now I am wishing that I did. These photos might make you jealous!

Target 90 off Christine

Check out everything Christine found:

  • cake/cookie mix .16 ea
  • kids cups .29
  • chalk .29
  • kids beach umbrella .99
  • kids chair 1.49
  • kids rake/shovel/watercan .59 ea
  • batman garden hat .59
  • hula hoops .39ea
  • bubbles huge big maker .49 ea
  • Water slide/water guns all .99
  • glow necklaces/bracelets .10 each
  • netted beach toys .79

The first trip was $61.20 – paid 6.70
The second trip was 78.20 – paid 7.34

Target 90 off Lisa

Lisa found this Bocce Ball set for only $1.99. I’ve been wanting one of these!

Target 90 off CJ


Look at the awesome deals CJ found.  I can’t believe all the sunblock she was able to get.   You really can’t pass up sunblock at 90% off – it’s so expensive normally!

Target 90 off Marie

Here are Marie’s finds.   She could throw a party with all this stuff.   She’s got the cake mix, frosting and party favors.

Target 90 off Mary

Mary found a nice assortment of things. She even found a garden hose. Score!!!

90 off target

Mbf found the sad assortment of 90% off items at her store. Not everyone gets a great deal, so if you found your store looking more like this, you weren’t the only one.

Keep sending in those photos to [email protected] or post on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. After I took that last sad picture, I found a lot of foodstuff in a nearby aisle that was unmarked. Jelly Belly snow cone stuff, superhero sprinkles, Wilton sprinkle gel, cake mixes and frostings, etc…all 90% off. Also, the metal pails, watering cans, and wiffle balls. I still walked out with two big bags.

  2. I actually made money on sunscreen!! Found those same double packs of copper tone for $1.33 and was able to use a $5 off 2 copper tone coupon from the paper!! Woo hoo!!! 🙂

  3. The 50ft garden hose was .99 cents! Picked up 2 today. They were preparing all the toys this morning for tomorrow. 😉 I can’t wait!

  4. I have seen a single summer thing on clearance in my area, BUT last year they didn’t clearance summer out here until after the toys.

  5. My store has the same empty shelves but i found lots of unmarked stuff placed in regular aisles which was ringing %90 off. I visited when it was %70 thats why i figured which item was on clearence

  6. I finally found some stuff at my store but it was only like 10 things at 70% off. And there was nothing good. Granted I didn’t bother to search all over the store so there may have been some stuff hiding where I didn’t look.

  7. If you find any up&up sunscreen, be on the lookout for peelies coupons, I saw some that were $1/2 and since the 3pks are ringing up $1.39…

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