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Target: Even More Hidden Clearance Finds!!

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Well happy day!   I found even more Target hidden clearance deals to share with you.    We should be seeing these go to 90% off in the next day or so, so these will be even cheaper if you find them at 90% off!

target hidden clearance dog treat jar

These canisters were in the pet section (they are for pet treats) and they are considered part of the Christmas clearance. I bought one I plan on using it for storage, but not for pet treats. This rang up at $2.99 (reg $9.99)

target hidden clearance faith hill

Thanks to a tip from several of you (thanks so much!) I knew to check for this Faith Hill Soul 2 Soul perfume. This is priced at $9.99, so at 70% off it rings up at $2.99.

target hidden clearance measuring cups

I found these measuring cups sitting on an end cap in the kitchen department. Now, I don’t think a ton of you will find these exact measuring cups, but the key is you want to look for the red and green packaging that you see here.

target hidden clearane

You will also want to check for the Kids SpinBrush My Way toothbrush, it is also ringing up at 70% off.

Here’s hoping we all find some of these goodies when it goes 90% off.    Check these posts for even more hidden deals:

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  1. Be careful with the Spin Brushes…I think there are two different SKU’s for them. Only one that is on clearance.

  2. spinbrush sku needs to end in 619. Don’t forge to check the women’s undies…Xhilaration brand mixed in with other xhilartion brand but tag doesn’t have the word “zone” on the back of them. Happy shopping.

  3. I found a bath scrunchy this morning marked down to 59 cents from $1.99. It was in the regular ones, I didn’t realize the price difference till I got home and looked at my receipt. I would have looked for a few more.

  4. Glade Plug Ins went even cheaper today (in Phoenix, Arizona). Single pack oil with a warmer marked down to $0.88. Cartwheel (5%) works, too, plus the $1.50/2 coupons. After all the discounts and coupons they wind up being $0.16 each!

  5. I’m so jealous, I don’t know how you do it! I can’t ever find these great deals at the Lynnwood Target. After yesterday’s posts, I spent two hours there and found almost none of the deals, except the large JOY letters. I checked almost every aisle and price checked almost everything I found. If there’s a secret to shopping the Lynnwood Target, please share!

    1. Beth, I used to live in Edmonds and shopped at the Lynnwood store on a regular basis. I will be honest, that store was never one of my faves. I would usually end up going to Northgate or the one in Everett, I just found more deals at the other stores than I did at Lynnwood.

      1. Christy, Would you also count the Kent Target as one of your not favorites? I had the same experience as Beth. Scoured the aisles and scanned multiple items, but not a deal to be found! Also checked out Tukwila since I was at Southcenter for another reason. Nada.

        1. Linda, Generally I think the Kent location isn’t too bad. However, I think for Christmas clearance they just didn’t have much left this year. I have been to Renton and Federal Way and I though the selection at both of those stores was better than Kent.

  6. Thanks for the info about the spinbrushes! Scanned one yesterday and it was full price, might need to go back and look for the sku.

  7. I found a large Star Wars Lego set for 50% off, it was marked 30% off but scanned better. 🙂 Also a whole endcap of baking items for 70% – no signs, but all scanned on sale. They didn’t look that Christmasy. And lots of little Mario Knex packs, the all red ones that are regularly $2.99 on sale for 89 cents. Look for a little # at the bottom on the back 6/13 are on sale, 7/13 are regular price. And some of the winter walrus and gnome men’s Mossimo boxer briefs. Good night tonight!

  8. I found some Wilton bakeware stuff 70% off- loaf pan/ baking sheets/ and mini cupcake pan .ONLY the ones with red tags were on sale/ brown were full price.

  9. I found womens Gillian & Omalla pajamas scanning at $14.99, reg $24.99 yesterday. Some were folded as a set, tied with a ribbon on a shelf. I found others hanging (probably had been tried on) not marked on sale. Long sleeve top with buttons and pants. They’re flannel with red and pink and a tiny gold thread running through them. I also found some Merona mens boxers not marked on sale, scanning at $1.80. They have dog print with sweaters or scarves on. They also had random things kind of hidden on an end cap in the Mens area by the socks. I found cell phone cases, Ipad cases, socks and boxers, etc.

  10. im literally stalking my local target store. ive gone in atleast 5 times after christmas. ive seen alot of people posting on other sites stating that their store has gone to 90% off. so of course i rushed over to my local store to find it was still at 70%. Will be going in tomorrow morning to see if my store is finally going to go to 90. My store had tons of stuff left. I also hear people posting that their store isnt going to even go to 90 at all. I hope this isnt the case for me. happy new years and happy saving everyone! good luck!

  11. I got the pet treat canister for $2.99 2 days ago. I didn’t know these are for pet treats until now!! I’ve been using it to store my coffee,lol.

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