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Target Christmas Clearance 90% off

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Target 90 off Christmas

We are getting tons of reports that the Christmas clearance is now 90% off at Target (food items are 70% off).   If the signs still say 70% off at your store you may want to scan an item or two to double check.      Before you head to the store, you may want to check out this post with a few hidden deals that may be found in their respective departments.

We would love to see photos of the great deals you find you can share your photos the following ways:

Thanks Savannah for the photo!

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  1. It’s 90% in Glendale Heights, IL but still marked 70%… First time I saw the super greedy shelf stripper. She had 3 carts filled with any clothing item she could get her hands on and a ton of other items. Crazy woman! Was able to pick up a few things though from regular departments that were misplaced so I was still happy!

  2. 90/70% off in So. FL! Yippee! TY for posting the hidden deals, things were all thru the store…Best find was elf on the shelf book/doll set found in book dept. for 2.99 Happy dance in the book area 🙂 Also 2pk puff tissues .29 and up and up dinner/cake plates and cups.52, dog toys .49-.69, 2 pk. sharpies-gold/silver/bronze .29 lots of other things too numerous to mention all in their reg. aisles.

  3. CT is also 90%/70%. Question, how come all these E.L.F gift sets are not part of this whole deals? They are on clearance but they only drop up to maybe 30%.

    1. i was wondering the same thing… There were a ton of lotions and stuff also not included but the same lotion was included last year so i thought that was weird

  4. 90% and 70% off in los angeles, CA. Nothing left. Mostly cleared out at 50%. However best find was $534 Christmas tree for $53.40.

  5. I am looking for a baseball stocking that target sold this past year. Grey with white baseball and red stitching. Original price $4. Please let me know if anyone may have some. Looking for at least 2

  6. 90% off in W. Va! Was able to get 5 rolls of wrapping paper, 2 bags of bows, and a set of gift tags for $2.60 total!

    A manager came to my register to tell me that starting tomorrow, the unmarked rolls were going to salvage and that was I was fortunate to pick them up (around 6 pm) at this time.

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