DIY Solar House Sign

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As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, I begin to dream up decor to freshen up my outdoor space. I’m going to show you how I made this solar address sign that looks so good everyone will think you had it custom made from Etsy.

You’ll need:

Begin by planning out where you want to paint on the wood sign. You can use painters tape to mark the lines, but I usually use washi tape because it works just as well. Run your finger along the tape to make sure it is secure.

Paint a thin layer of acrylic paint. Be careful not to push paint under the tape. Lightly brush over the edge of the tape instead. Let it dry before adding one or two more layers of paint.

Peel off the tape as soon as you finish painting. Let the paint dry completely.

Originally I was going to use gold numbers on a black painted background, which is why I picked up the gold permanent vinyl. Instead, I painted a white background and used black permanent vinyl for the numbers. I think it compliments the solar light nicely.

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette make the numbers yourself using permanent vinyl. There are plenty of other options if you don’t have a machine. Paint the numbers by hand, cut them from vinyl using scissors, or buy similar numbers online or at your local hardware store.

Transfer the numbers to the wood sign. Use a clear sealer on the sign to make it more durable for outdoor use.

Remove the plastic from the top of the solar light and pull out the tab that is inside. Attach the solar light to the wood sign using a strong, permanent glue.

There is already a keyhole on the back of the wood that makes it so easy to hang up. The solar light is small, but it gives off much more light than I was expecting.

I love how simple and clean it looks! Use the colors and font of your choice to make your address sign fit your style.

Analisa is a mom and avid DIYer. Along with her family, she will travel anywhere just to say she’s been. She writes about creating, parenthood, and her family’s adventures at Parental Perspective. She’d love to meet you so feel free to visit her on Instagram or Facebook and say hello!

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