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DIY Personalized Santa Sack

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Have you seen the fabric Santa sacks in Target’s Dollar Spot? They’re well made and a nice size. For only $3 each they’re an awesome find! Getting these personalized can be pricey though. Don’t fret because it is so easy to do it yourself. Let me show you how!

You’ll need:

You’ll want to iron the bag first to get any creases out of it. When you’re done, place a piece of cardboard or plastic inside the bag to keep the paint from seeping through.

Place the stencil down and hold it in place with a few pieces of tape.

I’m using a cosmetic wedge as my brush, but you can definitely use a foam brush or dauber. Pick up a little bit of fabric paint at a time and very lightly tap it over the stencil in a light dabbing motion. If you use too much fabric paint or push too hard you’ll likely end up with the paint bleeding under the stencil. Add a little bit of paint at a time until you have the coverage you need.

Give each letter a few minutes to dry until you move onto the next one. A quick blast from a hair dryer will speed things up if you’re impatient. Also make sure you clean the paint off the stencil in between letters. When you’re ready, position the next stencil letter and add paint.

Before you know it, you’ll be all done!

I found these three santa sack designs at my Target, but I’m wondering if they have more. I absolutely love how they turned out!

I think I’m going to fill them with the kids’ Christmas pajamas and a few books to open up on Christmas Eve. The santa sacks will be such a treat to reuse year after year. What will you put in yours?

Analisa is a mom and avid DIYer. Along with her family, she will travel anywhere just to say she’s been. She writes about creating, parenthood, and her family’s adventures at Parental Perspective. She’d love to meet you so feel free to visit her on Instagram or Facebook and say hello!

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