Earth Friendly Kitchen Cleaning with Full Circle

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Since we completed our kitchen remodel I have found that I actually enjoy cleaning! I love keeping the kitchen looking clean and new and it helps having cleaning tools that not only work well but are great for our environment too. Full Circle creates sustainable home care products that are beautifully designed, functionally innovative, and responsibly produced. Here are a few of my favorite Full Circle home items that help me keep my kitchen and the rest of my home clean.

The Bubble Up Dish Brush & Ceramic Dish have been a part of my kitchen for years! I love this handy cleaning tool so much. The ceramic base is a soap dispenser with a spring-loaded disc on the inside.  You simply push the dish brush on the disc, which helps to create extra suds for cleaning your dishes.  It’s super easy to use and I find that my kids love using it too.  You keep the base and just replace the dish brush when needed.

We have switched to using all reusable water bottles and tumblers in our house. I love the fact that we are helping the environment, but sometimes the reusable bottles are hard to keep clean. I have found some handy gadgets from Full Circle that help me clean our reusable water bottles and tumblers.  The Little Sipper Drinkware Cleaning Set allows me to clean the straws and lids of all our cups. This four-piece set includes small + large straw brushes, a curved lid brush and a detail nib. To get the inside of the bottles clean, I use the Clean Reach Bottle Brush with Replaceable Head.  The nifty thing about this bottle brush is that once the brush is worn out, you replace the just head.  You are throwing away less because you are still reusing the handle.  I love that!

The Full Circle Detail Brush is another item I have been using for years.  It’s perfect for sinks, drains, faucets, and hard to reach edges and crevices. It has a hard detail nib on the bottom that easily fits in the smallest cracks and corners. I use it on a regular basis to scrub around my sink drain and other hard to clean areas in my house.  It’s like using a toothbrush for cleaning, but way better!

The Crumb Runner Counter Sweep and Squeegee is a clever tool that I never knew I need and now I can’t live without!  I am the messiest baker.  Whenever I am done prepping something to bake I am left with a complete mess!  The sweeper portion helps me sweep everything on the counter straight into our garbage bin.  The squeegee portion is great for cleaning up spills straight into your sink.  This handy tool helps me save on dirtying up towels when it comes to cleaning up my messes

You can find these and so many other great Full Circle home items at your local Target store or online at  Full Circle is a brand you can feel great about using because they are made with earth friendly materials and the work great!

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