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Target Christmas Clearance 2021 – 90% off

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Great news! The Christmas clearance is finally ringing up at 90% off!! I’m hearing reports that some items that normally are part of the clearance are not ringing up on sale. (Days of socks calendars, Threshold kitchen, etc).  So use those in store scanners to check prices!!!

The Target Christmas will be here December 26th and we are here to help you find all the best deals!  If you aren’t familiar with the Target Christmas clearance, Target will markdown the remaining Christmas merchandise down to 50%, 70% and eventually 90% off.  The great thing is so many of these items are not specific to Christmas only!  If you want to take a peek at some of the 90% off deals I’ve scored the last two years, check out these posts:

Here is a peek at the merchandise I think should be included in the Christmas clearance this year.  We won’t know for sure until the actual markdown happens, but this list will give you a good frame of reference to check while you are at Target.  You will have to use the store scanners to check for markdowns (the Target app WILL NOT show you the clearance prices).  Unfortunately, Brick Seek is no longer a valid source for Target clearance deals!  I will continue to update this list with new items we find until the 90% off clearance hits.  Make sure you are a part of the All Things Target Facebook page, because lots of followers share their finds!

Beauty & Personal Care


Hearth & Hand



Clothing & Accessories

Toys & Activity Kits

More Than Magic

Plastic & Paper Goods


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  1. I wanted to ask you more about brickseek… you mentioned that we can no longer use it to find clearance deals. Is that because Target items are no longer on brickseek? Or does the brickseek listing not accurately reflect clearance prices? Do you have another site that you would recommend? Or is going to the store now the only way to know when things have been marked down?

    1. Thank you so much for the awesome post! The photos are so great and really help save time locating the holiday clearance items! I am so surprised the clearance is already ringing up 70 off. My guess is that inventories might be
      lower than in previous years? Will be checking post regularly to see if things make it to 90. Happy new year! Thank you all things target!

    2. I don’t know the specifics, but BrickSeek has the following message posted on their site. “ Many Target items are no longer displaying discounted clearance prices. For the time being, we believe this to be the new norm for Target. We are still evaluating how to best integrate and promote Target moving forward.” Unfortunately, I do not know of any other site that is similar

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