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You’re a Real Fungi Father’s Day Treats

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My daughter saw these Father’s Day treats in the May issue of Family Fun Magazine and she knew she wanted to make some for her Dad for Father’s day.

First, you will want to pick up some Model Magic at Target, it sells for $5.99.   You might be able to find it cheaper at one of the craft stores if you use a coupon.

Next, you will need some clear plastic or glass jars.   We used some containers we already had around the house,  we just emptied out these sprinkles into Tupperware containers in order to use them for the project.

You will want to cover the lid of the container with the Model Magic.

Shape the Model Magic to look like the top of a mushroom.

For the dots on the top of the mushroom, just roll some of the white Model Magic into small balls and them push them onto the top of mushroom until they are flat circles.

Add Dad’s favorite treats and a tag that says “Dad, You’r a real fungi!”   They do recommend letting the Model Magic drying for a day or two before you add the lid to your container.

They turned out super cute!   These are great, because kids of any age can help make them.   Younger kids can roll the dots into balls or add the treats to the jars.     Let us know if you end of making some too!

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  1. Model Magic is an air dry modeling clay. It is similar in consistency to play dough, but lighter. Once shaped, let it dry at least 24 hours to fully “harden.” It doesn’t really get hard like oven baked clay, such as sculpey. It’s great for school projects because it is so light weight, almost foamlike. You can paint or color it with markers, even before it sets, so I usually just buy plain white unless I know I need a whole package of a certain color.

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