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My Target Valentine 90% off Shopping Trip

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Here is a peek at all of the items I purchased during the Valentine’s 90% off clearance at Target. I’m also sharing what my plans are for each item, some of the items I buy I use for gifts.

I was thrilled to find all these Starbucks Tumblers at 90% off. I have been getting a ton of questions regarding these, these are found at the Starbucks location at your Target store. You can take the cups over to a scanner to check the price and then buy them at the regular registers. If you find some you don’t want, just return them to the Starbucks display.

Glitter Tumbler $1.89 (reg $18.99) – for a raffle 
Heart tumbler $1.29 (reg $12.99) – one for me, one for a gift
Heart with straw $1.29 (reg $12.99) – bought for a friend

Essie nail polish $.89 (reg $8.99) – two for me, two for raffle or gifts

Cat toys $.29 (reg $2.99) – For my son & his wife, they just got a kitten
Dog toy $.29 (reg $2.99) – For my dog

Tray $.80 (reg $8.00) – picked up for a friend

Heart blanket $1.00 (reg $10.00) – for a gift (probably a college student)

Ponytail holder with hearts $.49 (reg $4.99) – purchased for a friend
Love Ponytail holder $.39 (reg $3.99) – purchased for a friend
Glitter Ponytail holder $.39 (reg $3.99) – one for a friend, one for me

Rose vase $1.00 (reg $10.00) – Just bought this for the cute vase, I’m going to put something else in it
Heart bowls $1.00 (reg $1.00) – For myself

xo gift bag $.30 (reg $3.00) = for a gift, I thought it would be perfect to put a Starbucks tumbler in it
Heart Ceramic Tray $.49 (reg $4.99) – gonna make a trinket tray with my Cricut
XO frame $.14 ($4.99) – bought for friend

Sweatshirt & leggings $1.50 (reg $15.00) – baby gift
Dress & sweater $1.00 (reg $10.00) – baby gift

Heart dress $1.30baby gift
Red dress $1.30baby gift

Minnie Sweatshirt $1.69gift & bought one for a friend just because they like Disney as much as me
Headbands $.59 (reg $5.99) baby gift

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