Update on the Target 70% off Toy Clearance (Kent, WA went 70% off)

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I am getting lots of reports that toys are 70% off, they were 70% off at my Kent, WA store this morning.   I have to say the employees were kind, courteous and just plain awesome!!!   All of the shoppers were fabulous too!    Make sure you check out the All Things Target Facebook page, lots of readers are leaving comments there (with specific store information).

I have also heard the following from several readers, so not every store has gone 70% off today:

  • Several stores are reporting the markdown happened yesterday. (for those of you that are local, the South Hill Sunrise location went 70% off yesterday)
  • Quite a few stores are reporting that just a few more items went to 70% off, but not the majority of the items.
  • Still some stores say not a single thing is different.

Your store may or may not have everything condensed to one aisle or the endcaps, so remember to walk down the aisles and check the individual price tags.

I would love to hear what you are finding at your store, let us know! If you could, please tell us which location you shopped at in your comments. Thanks!

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  1. St Louis area is at 70% off but some stores had not marked down yet this morning. Mark downs are taking place this morning–probably by this afternoon you’ll see the prices reflected on the items.

  2. Bonney Lake had an aisle and some mixed 70% off items, but the majority I came for were still at 50% off. There were no employees marking items so I’m guessing it will be another day that other items are discounted.

  3. Sacramento stores have not marked down to 70% off yet. I went to a couple and they were not marking down but moving stuff around like crazy. I price checked a ton of 50% toys just to make sure they were not 70% off and not marked down yet. Nope. Only 50&30% off in Sacramento today.

  4. Transformers Kreo sets start at $2.98
    Polly Pocket Sets $4.98
    My Littly Pony Sets $4.98
    Cars Playdough $4.98
    Batman Trio Set $7

    Good stuff in Las Vegas NV!

  5. Goodyear, AZ had 70% off! I got there at 8 and had to wait a little for them to finish pricing, but I still managed to snag what I wanted!

  6. Just got home after spending $112, all at 70% off. They started marking down at 10, and by 11:30 when I left had only done half the toy department and then stopped. I’ll be back after lunch!

  7. Foothill Ranch, CA location went on sale 70% by 8:30am. Scored some great stuff. I posted what I scored in the original post 🙂

  8. Went to a bunch of stores throughout the western suburbs of Chicago. Spent WAY too much money but very happy– found amazing deals! My best buys were an 810 piece Star Wars Lego set marked from $90 to $27. Lots of Transformers KEO lego stuff. Halo and even saw some Beyblade. Got some great Monster High stuff my girls love. At one store there was an amazing selection of games (rockem sockem robots, lego games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Guesstures etc.) at 70% so I really swept up there. They will make awesome gifts. This is my seventh year doing this sale and I love it!

  9. Will this sale continue until tomorrow? Or does it depend on the Store? I’m 50 miles away from the nearest Target:(

  10. My store in central Wisconsin was marking down this morning. Unfortunately, they did not already have items marked down and I didn’t have time to wait for all of the aisles. The staff was polite, but unfortunately would not check my two toys that were 4 aisles away yet before I had to leave. I still got some fantastic gifts, though!

  11. Went to 2 stores in North East Wisconsin. I was the first one in the door at 8am. The store didn’t have the toys consolidated – they were mixed in with all the full-price ones. Some were on end-caps. I bought a few things at 70% off. Everything was already marked down.

    The second store I couldn’t get to until 10am, but I found better items there and they had two aisles of clearance toys, plus end caps, plus some mixed in with the full price. I got two Lego games for 70% off. They were still working on markdowns at the time. I asked a cashier if she would check the one Lego game for me (it was 50% off, rather than 70% like the other one) and it did scan down to 70% off and she stuck the sticker on it for me. Also found a card game that said 50% off on the sticker, but it scanned at 70% off. 🙂

  12. 70% off at Sisk Rd. store in Modesto, CA and also at Riverbank, CA store. Not as great a selection in Riverbank. There were very few shoppers in the Modesto store at 9:00 AM. Got lots of great deals for our preschool classrooms!

  13. Highlands Ranch, CO and Littleton, CO (Wadsworth and Bowles) went to 70% off today. The Sheridan Target on Santa Fe did not though – it looked like nothing had really changed.

    We got some great stuff at the 1st 2 stores though!

  14. Las Vegas NV has 70% off markdowns at the Centennial Hills and 215/Decatyr store. Might have them at the other targets but those were the two I checked. 🙂

  15. Went to Metairie, la store last night and asked the clerks if they were going to do markdowns, and she said no. They didn’t have much clearance left anyway. Went to the Kenner store today (with both babies!) and scored! Thomas train take along sets for $13, chuggington sets for $10, board games for $5, and some baby toys for $5. Spent $80 for $275 worth of gifts! Now to store them!

  16. Emeryville, CA had lots of 70% off toys!!! I scored a Leapfrog Tag map and Solar System map! Not really signs, just went up and down the aisles and the pricetags were marked!

  17. Harford County Maryland has toys marked down 70% today(Thursday) at both Bel Air and Abingdon, Bel Air has more selection.

  18. I’m in NC and they were marking down toys this morning. The 50% of toys went to 70% and the 30% toys went to 50% also some toys that were 50% stayed at 50%. Not everything was in the clearance aisle. So look up and down the aisles for clearance items. The target employee I talked to said that all toys should go to 70% next Thursday.

    And summer bubbles and sand toys that were in the clearance aisle stayed at 30%

  19. Cockeysville, MD Target had great toy deals. Bought Lalaloopsy doll house for $9.00 (regular $39) and remote control Lalaloopsy car for $7.00.

  20. Southfield and Troy, MI had marked their toys 70% off. I spent $78 and got a Cars lego set for $14.98, My Little Pony’s for $2.48 and $8.98, Disney princess stuff for $2.99, Cars cars for $3.38, Little Tonka trucks for $2.46, Lucky Ducky game for $6.38, talking puzzle by Vtech for $5.15 and various other stuff. They had Cabbage Patch dolls for $5.58 too. I am going to try a couple more tomorrow. I want to find more lego sets and get my Christmas shopping done early 🙂

  21. Would love to know what 810 piece Star Wars Lego set was marked from $90 to $27. Usually, the legos are only marked down to 50% off when everything else goes 70% off. And everyone just buys up the 50% off legos at that point.

  22. OK fellow target crazies 🙂 I was able to find ONE our generation 18” doll and grabbed it up at $10.48 or so- but I have two daughters 14 months apart and my husband thinks they both need one.. did any of you pick up an extra as a gift or donation item that I can buy from you?? PLEASE?? I will pay shipping! Please let me know- we can’t afford to buy one at full price with our current medical bills…

    1. Jessica,
      I think I qualify as a target crazy! I bought several of those dolls to donate to Toys for Tots. I would be happy to get you one. I have three daughters. Can’t give one a cool toy without the other ones getting one too! Ha!!

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