Target Toy Clearance Update: Most Stores still 30-50% off

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It appears that the toys at most stores are holding at 30-50% off today Thursday, January 10th.   It looks like the big markdown will take place next week or even the week after.

I big huge thanks goes to all the readers who have reported what they found at their store, since this isn’t an advertised sale and more of a “it happens when it happens” kind of thing it’s so very helpful to all of us.

Looks like we have some more time to scope out the deals and find a hiding spot for all of the goodies.

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  1. It’s storming here in the Jackson,MS area and was trying to talk myself out of getting out in it…Now I guess I’ll wait till next week. What is everybody else finding??

    1. Beth, I now linked to the Facebook post with all the comments, so you can see what everyone is finding at their location. They pretty much all say the same thing 30-50% off. You can stay warm and cozy at home.

    2. BOY am I relieved to hear this news! Nothing in New Hampshire. I went to 3 stores (Nashua, Hooksett and Salem) and they were all doing “re-sets,” moving stuff around. What a titanic, horrible waste of a morning! Gah!

  2. So I noticed at my target most things were 30-50% off w a few 70% off things mixed in. But all the signs said 30% off. Kind of had to search 🙁 but nothing I wanted was 70% off:( I wonder if they are just gonna slowly mark things down day by day?

  3. nothing at University in Orlando. I thought they would go early since the toys were stickered 30-50% last week but no movement there. The ladies of the red shirt team were in jewerly. I did find that AF sprial ham for .99 a lb. Thanks to however mentioned they were being marked down- I had the lastest mailer with the $3 off AF coupon so I bought a 9lb ham for $6.00 😉

  4. I did see a lalaloopsy holiday doll, can’t remember the name, marked down from 49.99 to 14.98. That was the only good deal I spottex at the target in Lees Summit Mo.

  5. My local Target in California marks down on Wednesday. I went in yesterday morning and the markdown team said most toys will stay 30% for 3-4 weeks. In 2 weeks the majority will be at half and a week later 70%. Which means almost nothing will be left at my store. People go nuts for 50% off around here.

    1. I meant to say 30-50% for 3-4 weeks. It didn’t sound right, but they’ve been changing a lot of things lately so who knows. They said were confused when they were called in to mark down the clothing and baby sections also which are usually Monday mark downs.

    2. Where are you in CA? I’m on the central coast, and there were no markdowns at my store today either. Wondering if they do toy markdowns on Wed here, too.

  6. All signs said 30% off at my Target but some things scanned at 50%. I was hoping the Cozy Coupe Truck was going to be 70% off. I asked someone and she told me it was staying at 30% off.

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