My 70% off Target Toy Finds

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Here are all the items I picked up today.   These toys were found at the Kent and Issaquah locations.   Kent was way more organized then Issaquah, but they were also more busy. I photographed these toys in 3 different groups, because I bought for a couple of people and I divided everything up and I didn’t want to mix them all together again.

All of these items were 70% off, with the exception of the big Star Wars Lego, but it was just too freakin’ awesome to pass up. I have a weakness for Lego’s, especially Star Wars ones. What can I say, I have a house full of boys!

Here is what I picked up for myself:

  • Star Wars Lego $59.99 (50% off)
  • Hexbug Nano Set $9.98
  • Cars Lego $7.31
  • Frisbee Golf (3 pack) $5.84
  • Lego Minotauras Game $7.48
  • Lego Ninjago Game $8.98
  • Quiddler Game $4.28
  • Black Sheep Game $4.94
  • Star Wars Sphere Puzzle $3.88

Here is what I picked up for my sister:

  • Imaginext Toy Story set $16.48
  • Hot Wheels Trio Set $10.78
  • Hero World figure $3.74
  • Hero World figure/vehicle $5.36
  • Cars Lego $7.21
  • Little People Figures $2.24
  • Lego Heroica Game $4.48

Here’s what I picked up for my friend:

  • Monster High Car $7.58
  • Liv Alice in Wonderland doll $4.88
  • Liv Dance doll $6.58
  • (2) Liv Spa dolls $6.58

I am getting lots of photos from readers, so I will do my best to post several of those either tonight or tomorrow.   If you have a photo of your shopping trip, you can email it to [email protected] or post it directly to the All Things Target facebook page.     I love seeing what everyone finds!

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  1. I got the toy story imagined also but it came up $14. @ my Target. I got there at 8 and there was no one else there.

  2. I got to my store at 8:15…thought I was early but nooo…lots of people in toys! A team if 3 had 8 baskets full by the time I got there. I got what I really wanted so I’m happy 🙂

  3. I got a Paper Jamz guitar $7.88, Our Generation clothing set, $10.78, Transformers Play-Doh set, $5.78, Neon Play-Doh set, $2.20.

    I may go back tomorrow. 🙂

  4. I seen that Monster High car at my local Target last week but someone must have purchased it last week because when I went to Target last night and then this morning I didn’t see it 🙁 Congrats on what you got.

  5. I got quite a bit of the things you got and I also got the entire set of Lite Sprites for 70% off ranging from 2.98-4.98. My daughter has been asking for them for a year and her birthday is next week. I can’t wait to give them to her. I am saving the Lego sets and games, Trio set, and other games for Christmas this year. Yeah for Target clearance!

  6. Congrats to all of you on your great deals – you guys scored! =)

    (Unfortunately, I was too sick today to go to Target, but hope to join you all at the next great toy sale!)

  7. I spent $380! Transformers helmets, Imaginext Jokers Fun House, Imaginext figures, B. take along easels, Zooble sets and extra Zoobles, Littlest Pet Shop sets and extra LPS figures, Disney princess Royal Boutiques, Polly Pocket set, Disney Fairie with zip line sets, Heart to Heart girls outfit, and a ton of My Little Pony stuff. There are going to be some very happy Birthday Kids in my town this year!!! 🙂

  8. I didn’t shop till this evening but found amazing stuff, cabbage patch doll, vtech puzzle, little people house with little people all for my daughters bday for 23.00 before red card savings. Lots lots more for my stock pile for xmas gifts for family included, Perfection, Moon Dough kit, doll, loopz games, remote control cars etc etc etc! Love me some Target clearance.

  9. I got a ridiculous amount of stuff. So strange to me that different stores had different prices for so many things. I got a fisher price doll house for my 1 yr. old DD, all of my nieces & nephew’s b’day and christmas gifts, a lego turbo tank for $72 (50% off) some duplos 75% off….and on and on. My closest Target had the Sale Wed. and the rest in the area did Thurs.

  10. I went to 6 Targets! I must be crazy! Got soooo many cute things to put away for Christmas and birthdays! I got the Cars Lego set for 70% off and my favorite a Barbie doll holding a Target gift card and a little Target shopping basket! She was $3.56. So weird that some stores had something on 70% off and another store had that same item just regular price. I am DONE Christmas shopping (mostly!).

  11. You have one very happy friend! 🙂 Thanks again Christy, my daughter will be thrilled this Christmas!!

  12. Christie- I have a question: Since I started finding the legos at such a good price I have a lot….what do you do with them after your kid puts them together…do you display them or take them apart and sell them to someone else? Thanks!

    1. Angie – My kids usually put them together, play with them awhile and then they get taken apart and all the Lego’s are put into bins. They use all the Lego’s in the bins to make different things that they can dream up. We have several bins filled with Lego’s.

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