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BBQ Chicken Sliders with Tyson Any’Tizers Boneless Chicken Wingz

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This is a sponsored post written and created by me and my team for Tyson Foods.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

BBQ Chicken Sliders

You know that the Tyson® Any’tizers® and Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips make for great snacks on their own, but I’m going to show you an easy way to include them in a recipe.  These super easy BBQ Chicken Sliders make great snacks that to the Tyson® Any’tizers® Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Wyngz.


You know your football loving fans will go crazy for these easy to make and easy to serve snacks.   They have be made even more  football game worthy by adding a pick to keep them together and topping it off with a fun football themed sticker.

Ingredients for BBQ Chicken Sliders

Here is what you need to make your own BBQ Chicken Sliders for your football watching party.


  • 1 package Tyson® Any’tizers® Boneless Chicken Wyngz (Honey BBQ)
  • 1 package of slider buns (12 buns)
  • 3 Tablespoon butter
  • 1/2 cup BBQ Sauce
  • 1/2 cup french fried onions

Cook Tyson® Any’tizers® Boneless Chicken Wyngz as directed on package.   While the chicken is cooking prep the buns for your slider sandwiches.

Butter buns

Butter both the top and the bottom of the buns and broil in the oven for 2-5 minutes.   You want them to be a nice golden brown, so keep any eye on them while they are cooking.

Add Tyson Boneless Chicken Wyngz

Add one Tyson® Any’tizers® Boneless Chicken Wyngz to a each slider bun.    To the top of the bun add a layer of  barbecue sauce and fried onions.   Place the two together and add a pick so they stay together easily.

Football food

Add several slider buns to a plate and place them on your food table.   Don’t they look yummy!   These BBQ Chicken Sliders scream “football food” to me.

Football Party

The BBQ Chicken Sliders will make a nice addition to your food table for the big game.    Here are a few other recommendations I have for easy game day food & drink:

  • Tyson® Any’tizers® Wingz (a MUST for any game – they are the classic football food at our house)
  • Tyson® Any’tizers® Chicken Fries with dipping sauce
  • Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips
  • 7UP® (with food coloring in your favorite team colors) **will link this with previous post**
  • A&W® Root Beer in Football themed Mason Jars  **will link this with previous post**
  • Pretzels & Chips
  • Veggie Tray

Tyson Any'tizers

Tyson® Any’tizers® really do make hosting a football party a breeze!   They come in many of different varieties and flavors so there is something to please every football fan.

Target Tyson

Don’t forget a stop at Target for all your game day food and drinks.   You will save money because Target is offering a FREE 2-Liter of 7UP®, A&W® Root Beer, Canada Dry® OR Sunkist® Soda when you buy any TWO (2) Tyson® Any’tizers® snacks or Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips.    It’s the perfect way to get ready for the big day.

Tyson Target DPSG IMAGE

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