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Target Toy Clearance Update

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We’ve gotten a couple hundred of reports of what you all are finding at your Target stores today.   It doesn’t look like a huge markdown has taken place, but many stores have made some markdowns.    I stopped by my store in Kent, WA and I am sharing many of the 70% off markdowns I found today (I found more deals than I thought I would).  There is a good portion of games that got marked down to 70% off, which came in handy for me because that was primarily what I was looking for.  Also, the LEGOs went down to 50% off at my store.   Make sure you check out this Facebook post for details on what others are finding.

There was only one person marking down items at my store, so I was pretty sure there weren’t going to be a ton that got marked down.  There are usually 3 or 4 people working when it’s a big markdown.  If you can’t zoom in close enough to see a DPCI code, you can use this method to find the code for these items.

I also found the following LEGOs marked down to 50% off:

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