Target Halloween Clearance 2020

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Halloween clearance will start on November 1st, most Halloween items will be marked down to 50% off.  The candy and food usually goes to 30% off, but last year it went straight to 50% off which hasn’t happened in years.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens this year!

Here are the dates the markdowns took place last year.  There is no guarantee they will happen on the same days this year, it just gives us a good idea of when they may be marked down.  It’s also not normal for the 90% off markdown to happen the day after the 70% off markdown takes place, so there is a slim chance that will happen again.

  • 50% off – November 1st
  • 70% off – November 4th
  • 90% off – November 5th

Besides the obvious Halloween costumes, decor and food, here are a few items you may want to look for at your store.  I can’t guarantee these will be part of the clearance, but I wanted to give you some examples of items you should scan to see if they are included in the clearance.  

I am 100% certain the Pyrex will be marked down, so watch for these.  I personally would wait to see if you can find any at 70-90% off.  Your leftovers don’t care if they have Halloween image on the outside of the glass container.

Watch for some mugs that aren’t necessarily Halloween themed, but may be in Halloween colors.

It’s probably a long shot that you will find any of these, they went quick at my store.  But keep your eyes peeled, these should be included in the clearance too.  There were other designs like Mickey Mouse too.

Target always brings in lots of clothing for Halloween, you may find these in the Halloween section or in their own departments.  Sometimes it isn’t overly Halloween themed too, so if you see something you think might have been brought in for Halloween I would scan it!

Don’t forget the check for PJs too.  There are Halloween themed PJs for women and kids.

I’m not sure if these Dash mini waffle makers will be included in the clearance, but it is totally worth checking!

Check to see if this Sally Hansen nail polish in Halloween colors is marked down.  I found these in the beauty department at my store. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check the pet supplies, they often bring in Halloween themed treats and toys that are usually included in the clearance every year.

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