Target: Is this the end of the 90% off Holiday & Seasonal Clearance??

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There has been rumors for over a year that the holiday/seasonal items at Target were no longer going to go to 90% off, but each season I would see items go to 90% off for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. This time however, it was a different story!

I heard the summer items went 70% off over the weekend, but didn’t get a chance to make it to Target. I got at the Kent store bright and early at 8:00 am this morning. Just as I got to the back of the store, I saw a man rolling two shopping carts full of the summer items to the back room (to salvage the items and possibly send them to Goodwill I am assuming). I wanted to scream “NO” and leap towards him, but I thought that might be a little too dramatic, so I refrained.

Yikes! I hope the 90% off holiday/seasonal items are not gone for good. Please let me know if you see these items go to 90% off at your store.

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  1. In College Station, Texas, our Target had summer items 70% off, and there was very little left. They were already starting to stock the back to school items in the seasonal area. We are in a college town, and so the back-to-school/move into your new apartment stuff is huge in our community.

  2. I live in Charleston, SC. I think our Target summer clearance got down to only 50% and then there wasn’t much left. On a different note, our Kmart had an additional 50% off already clearanced toys. I don’t know when it ends. From my research, the Kmart toy clearance is different in each state. I think areas of Pennsylvania did their toy clearance at the end of May. It seems like Kmart is never consistent in our area.

  3. Issaquah Target went 70% off at about 1:00 this afternoon. Really slim pickings, but it just happened.

  4. @Epi Thanks for that update, I was going to head to Issaquah this morning, but I ended up going to Kent instead.

  5. I am wondering if they are not doing this (not marking items as far down as they used to) in other areas of the store too? I have noticed that my local store has started marking items down 15 to 30% and leaving them there much longer than they used to in addition to having an item go to 70% instead of the usual 75% off. Not sure why the 5% would make a huge difference in the long run but the last time items were marked down in electronics and the kitchen areas nothing made it to 75%. I have heard that when they donate the items to Goodwill (or where ever) they can get a tax deduction for the full retail price of the item. Maybe they have decided it more beneficial to them to take the tax write off instead of marking down an additional 5%

  6. My uncle is a LOD at Target according to him Target is going to be salvage items quicker to donate to good will because at 50% off Target is losing money on that purchase.

  7. We hit 90% off today in Upstate, NY. I managed to get some slushie makers, syrup, cones, straws, ice cream makers, ice cream scoops, plastic cups, plastic plates, and some random cake decorating flavors from Duncan Hines (Mocha, Chocolate Almond and Cinnamon Roll) for 90% off. Not a bad morning’s haul before work!

  8. I was able to pick up some slushy makers for $1.29 which was 90% off of $12.99 but all the other items must have been carted off. On another note I scored 8 Jamba Juice packs for about $1.00 a piece after my coupons and red card discount, woo hoo!

  9. Went to a Target in Dayton Ohio yesterday and scored a bunch of stuff 90% off- ice cream maker, electric sno cone maker, paper plates, napkins, cups, and alot of summer plastic wear !

  10. I found 90% at my store in Perrysburg, OH, but all that was left were tiki god ice cube trays. All of our slushie and ice cream makers got pulled and put back in housewares. I checked them and they did not go down 90%, still at regular retail. Good job to everyone that got those at 90% off.

  11. Target no longer donates clearance. I went to get my usual clearance Halloween and if was all gone a few days after. I asked the receiving clerk where it went. She said Target now sells it all to a salvage company for 10 cents on the dollar and they in turn sell to Big Lots, etc. So no more good clearance for us and no donations to charity. ?

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