Easy Way to Find the DPCI of a Product at Target

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If you follow along on the Facebook page or check out our clearance posts you will see many photos of great clearance deals. I know lots of you like to use Brick Seek to check the inventory at your Target store.  To do this you need to DPCI code. Whenever there are some amazing clearance deals other readers often ask for the DPCI.   In some cases the person posting the deal may not see the question or they may not have the DPCI (if they didn’t buy the item).   Today I am sharing an easy way you can find the DPCI of an item at Target usingTarget.com.

UPDATE: BrickSeek is no longer working to find prices and inventory for Target stores.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.39.38 AM

Here is an item Lindsay posted on Facebook that she got for $59.98.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.41.33 AM

She also posted a close-up of the clearance sticker which contains the DPCI, it is the number just above the clearance price.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.43.31 AM

If she didn’t post the DPCI, you can easily find it at Target.com.   Just search for a product at Target.com, click on the product page and scroll down until you see the DPCI listed.  I fount the following information when I searched “Little Tikes Jr. Jump and Slide Bouncer”.  It’s super easy!

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    1. Hi Vi,

      Not every item will be online, but almost all will. It’s a good place to start. What item are you looking for? Is it not online at all or it isn’t the same price?

  1. I have ordered stuff online and then found a cheaper price in the store…. Target will give it to you for the cheaper price…. just ask. They cancel your order, then ring it up as usual at the lower price.

  2. by any chance does anyone know the dpci for the Pineapple and Flamingo decorative pillows? From the dollar spot. I believe they’re a reletivly new and Target just started stocking them this past week. Because, folks on Instagram just started posting 4/17.

    1. These are brand new, my store hasn’t gotten them in yet. If I see them I will snap a photo and get the numbers for you.

    1. At the very top of this post is a link to BrickSeek, you can enter the DPCI code and it should tell you where it is in-stock around you and it can tell you the price too.

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