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Target: Clearance Toys 70% off Today + Readers Shopping Trips

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Today is the day that most Target stores marked down their clearance toys to 70% off.   Many stores were in the process of marking down while people were shopping.  Some people also found that the toys weren’t all on one aisle, they were scattered all over the department.

Our readers have been sharing photos of their shopping trips (which I love)!   We are sharing several with you right now.   It’s fun to see what other find and helps you to know what to watch for.   Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, so I can’t promise you will find the exact same toys marked down at your store.  (Please note, image at top is from a previous sale not the one happening today)

Not finding toys marked down to 70% off at your store:   There are a couple of things that could be happening that you can keep in mind.

  • They employees may be marking down the toys later in the day
  • The 70% off markdown may happen next Thursday instead


I am totally impressed with Jessica’s shopping trip.  She scored so many amazing brands like Hape, Melissa & Doug, Play-Doh and more.   We own that Ladybug Game and highly recommend it, if you spot that on clearance I would totally pick that up.


Heather found a popular Zoomer dog marked down to 70% off, plus other goodies.   She had just started shopping.  I love that she shared a photo before she even left the store.


Chelsea also scored some great brands like B. and Hape.  That dog game in the back is super too!


Ashley found these great toys at 70% off.   She scored some great Leap Frog & Hape toys.   (Dog was not 70% off).


Cheyenne found these items.  I love the Duple and Tinkertoy set she found at 70% off.


Leah found this Palace Pets toys marked down to only $17.98.


Dani found Vtech, Fisher-Price, FurReal Friends and so many other great toys.


Karen found some amazing LEGO sets at 50% off.   All the other items were 70% off.  I would have been thrilled to find that Imaginext set at 70% off my boys loved that one when they were little.


More of Karen’s finds, including a NERF Rebelle set!


Check out all the great toys Noelle found at 70% off.

Everybody loves to see photos of your shopping trips. If you would like to share yours you can share any of the following ways:

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  1. I was really disappointed with the selection this year. There was no clearance aisle like last year at my store. I was able to find a few toys, but I was hoping for more.

  2. My stores still had the normal 30/50/70 off stuff. I even scanned the lower % stuff to make sure and it was still not 70. Shelves were pretty cleared out though and nothing condensed. Had to go up and down the aisles to look. (Indianapolis, IN)

  3. I took the day off from work. I went last year but felt I missed out because I couldn’t get there til after work. So this morning I went to two stores and…NOTHING. Very few items at 30% off even. So disappointed.

  4. I’m in Cleveland Ohio and I found a great selection of 70% off toys at two different Targets. I’m set for toys for the rest of the year!

  5. So disappointed- went to two stores in the Fort Worth, TX area this morning and nothing was marked 70% off. I may check next Thursday like site suggests. Hopefully better timing next year!

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