This Should be the Week of the 70% off Target Toy Clearance (Thursday, 1/10 2013)

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Get ready!!   It was this week last year that the clearance toys at Target finally got marked down to 70% off.    So, if history repeats itself, this Thursday, Januaray 10th (which is the day the toy department does their markdowns) most of the clearance toys should get marked down to 70% off.   There is a very good chance that it could not happen until next week, but I wanted to make sure to give you a heads up in case this is the week.   Keep in mind that there are a few stores that do markdowns on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, if you aren’t sure if your store marks them down on Wednesdays and it is close by, you way want to stop by.

I do not recommend calling the store and asking if the 70% off markdown has taken place, most times the employees at the front of the store or not even aware of the markdown since they do not work in that specific department, if you want to know if other stores have been marked down you best bet is to either visit the store or check in on the  All Things Target Facebook page, because many readers will post what they find at their store.    I usually start a post directly on the  Facebook page, so it’s easy to see what locations have been marked down or not.     Make sure you check in on Wednesday too, since it is the start of a new year they could have changed their markdown schedule.   They did that one year and I totally missed out!

I should mention that it seems like the selection of toys seems to be smaller this year, so you may not find as many items as years past.     Also, if your toys are currently only at 30% off, don’t assume the markdown won’t happen this week, in years past some toys have gone straight from 30% to 70% off and skipped the 50% off all together.    They need the room of all of the new toys that are coming in!

Your store could condense all the toys into one or two aisles, or you may have to search up and down each aisle and on the endcaps for the clearance items.    Make sure you check the individual price stickers (scan them too!) and don’t just believe what the sign says.   Sometimes they mark them down and don’t get the chance to change out the signs.

Here are some posts to get you informed and ready for the BIG sale:

If you have any questions or tips, make sure you leave a comment!

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  1. love you posts so informative thanks for keeping us up to date. I am in Indiana. My targets are Clarksville and New Albany if anyone knows when the markdown will occur in my area let me know please!

  2. I haven’t been impressed with stock this time….guess they are getting better about their stock levels!

  3. I usually have the DCPI # of an item I know will be marked down & call to check the price rather than asking if things have been marked down to 70%. This is the first year I haven’t been really excited about the sale. Not a lot of good stuff for me this year.

  4. One Target in my area I am not impressed with, however the other one I checked out has me excited! Several things I am hoping to pick up for 70% off. I think it is interesting the same toy at one Target is not on clearance at all where the other Target already has it 50% off.

  5. I usually love the twice a year clearance sales of toys. I do my first half of birthday party shopping in January and all of my Christmas and second half birthday parties in July. I used to get tons of stuff. So much I have had to call my husband to bring the truck because I bought so much. It has steadily decreased over the passed few years, but this is the first time I am not sure if I am even going to go out for the 70% toy sale. I have four Targets around me and none of them have a very good selection. I thought more toys would have gone on clearance than what have. Maybe July will be better.

  6. I just ran into my Target today to grab a few pack of the Pull Ups with the stackable coupons….SCORE! And they were in the toy section clearing the shelves moving things etc-so I am anticipating tomorrow(Wednesday) to be my markdown day…we shall see! Camillus, NY

  7. I noticed they were working in my store too. Do you think they will do it tomarrow. Everytime I have gone it has been on a thursday. Any thoughts?

    1. If it has been Thursday in the past, it should be Thursday this year too.

      The employees at my store were changing things around on Monday, they will probably be working all week in the department stocking the new toys.

  8. I ran in my store this mourning and Regies was in there doing inventory. I don’t know how this will effect the toy clearance? Any thoughts I notice about 4 people this mourning checking out the toys. There are a few things I want to get. I hope they do it in the mourning ang not later in the day like last year. I did find yo yo yos this mourning,chocolate cupcakes, and wrapping paper for 25 cents.

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