Target: Summer Clearance now 50% off?!

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I have received a couple of reports that the seasonal summer clearance has finally gone down to 50% off.   The items in this section will also go down to 70% off and eventually 90% off.    Here are the dates these items were marked down last year, which will give us a general idea of when they might get marked down further this year (they seem to be a week behind what they were last year):

  • 50% off happened around July 10, 2012
  • 70% off happened around July 14, 2012
  • 90% off happened around July 16, 2012

This section is filled with great summer items like plastic tableware, tablecloths, lawn chairs, coolers, outdoor games and so much more. This section also has a lot of DC Comics themed merchandise which would make for a great birthday party theme.

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  1. YES!! I bought their summer clearance paper plates (60 count originally $3.29) paid $1.64 then used the cartwheel app on up and up paper plates which saved 20% off of $1.64 making them$1.31…..then throw in your 5% redcard savings. Don’t have the receipt in front of me but not too shabby. There weren’t many left or else I would’ve chanced waiting for the 70%. Bought 4 packs to add to my stockpile *:0)

  2. I bought some Glad left-over containers and got a coupon for $1 off 2! So… that would be $2 for 2 more packs!

  3. So I was hoping to find disposable plates & utensils too but that section was pretty bare. There were a lot of those dish hamper? things, some plastic cups (blue), disposable containers, and a handful of the mixed cutlery boxes. I did however find some Up & Up plates (large red/small blue) with the watermelon on the package in the regular plate aisle. I also got the Glad? summer plastic wrap 300. The glow in the dark sticks/bracelet set were .50. I didn’t get anything else, not for 50% but I hope the towels, water blasters, chairs, and placemats make it to 90%. I was hoping that Superman? outfit set was 50% for my son but it was full price. Odd. Happy shopping!

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