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My 90% off Christmas Clearance Deals

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I didn’t have huge hopes for the 90% off clearance because there didn’t seem to be a ton of clearance left at any of the stores in my area. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the items I was able to find. I even grabbed a few of the items I was hoping to find (but didn’t really think I would). Here is a peek at the items I bought at the 90% off clearance today.

The majority of these items were found around the store, not in the Christmas section, which goes to show that you really need to look around the store if you want to find the best deals.

Studio McGee Hanging Basket $3.49 (reg $34.99)

Studio McGee Knot $2.00 (reg $20.00) – one for me and one for my daughter

Hearth & Hand Kitchen Towel 2-pk $,99 (reg $9.99)

Hearth & Hand Shower Curtain $2.49 (reg $24.99)

Hearth & Hand Divided Ceramic Tray $2.49 (reg $24.99)

Hearth & Hand Queen Coverlet $6.99 (reg $69.99)

Threshold Throw $5.90 (reg $59.00)

4-pk Appetizer Plates $1.00 (reg $10.00)

Ceramic Tree Candy Dish $.80 (reg $8.00)

Mickey Mouse Design Your Own Tumblers $1.50 (reg $15.00)

Zak Tumblers $1.00 (reg $10.00) – these are for gifts  (look for pink, light green and royal blue)

Goodfellow Pomade & Shampoo Set $1.50 (reg $15.00) – bought primarily for the Pomade, my boys use this daily

Raw Sugar Lip Balm $.49 (reg $4.99) 

Make-Up Brush Set $1.00 (reg $10.00) – for a gift

Elf x Scunci gift set $2.00 (reg $20.00) – for a gift

More Than Magic Srunchies $.80 (reg $8.00) – going into a teacher prize bin

Finding Nemo Bath Bomb $.75 (reg $7.50)

Vaseline lip balm $.39 (reg $3.99)

Face Masks $.20 (reg $2.00)

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  1. That is amazing! Great finds! Thank you for sharing! I love all of the housewares you found! I went in two stores early yesterday1/1 and grabbed whatever hidden clearance I could find at 70. I doubt there is much left at my local targets. So lucky to find these great deals at 90! Awesome!

  2. I was able to get the toothpaste and scope mouthwash at 70% thanks to you. Also a few 10 packs of Chapstick at 70%. I went to 2 different stores but there was barely anything. At 90% I got a face mask, some EOS lip balms but really not much. Thanks for all the hidden clearance tips. Appreciate it!

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