My Target Halloween 90% off Finds

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Here are the 90% off items I found at the Issaquah Target this morning. Technically, the cake mix wasn’t 90% off, it was only 70% off, but it was FREE after coupon.

Pillsbury Halloween cake mix $.38 – Buy 2
$1/2 target printable coupon
Final price = 2 FREE

All of the General Mills Count Chocula and Boo Berry cereals are ringing up at 90% off!

Boo Berry Cereal $ .26

Carter’s Pirate Puppy Stuffed Rattle $ .79  (for baby shower)

NordicWare spatula $ .39

Mini Cupcake liners $ .19

Tissue paper $ .19

Green Sparkle Hairspray $ .20 (My daughter goes all out for school spirit days, so this is for her)

Mad Scientist Costume $2.00

Out of all the things I bought I am most excited about the $ .39 Nordic Ware spatula. I love when you can get items you can use for everyday at 90% off.

Here is the candy I picked up at 70% off, now before you think I am crazy for buying this much candy, I actually have a plan for it all:

Reeses Pieces $ .89 (I will use these instead of chocolate chips in cookies)

M&M’s $ .89 (My plan is to eat these – Peanut M&M’s are my favorite!)

Jolly Rancher Chews $ .80  (Christmas gifts)

Laffy Taffy $ .80 (Christmas gifts)

Twix $1.49 (Christmas gifts)

Hershey Mix $2.39 (For when we have a bunch of teens over for a get-to-gether)

Starburst/Skittles $2.39 (Movie night snacks)

I mentioned that some of the candy was for Christmas gifts, I plan on filling these containers up that I bought at the Target dollar spot. I have some plans to dress them up and make them cute. I’ll be sure to share when I get them made.

I would love to hear what your favorite Halloween clearance item was!

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  1. I like those containers and may steal your idea if my Target has them :). I was looking for something to use for bath/body gifts.

  2. I got the m&M’s for 14 cents a bag with a Target coupon I had for $1.50 off 2 bags of M&M’s 🙂 We are hooked on the pretzel m&m’s!

  3. our target always seems to pack this stuff up right away. I did go to another Target today and got 2 costumes for $2 each, but they didn’t have the cake mixes or anything like that. The cereals were by the dollar section and made no mention of sale so I didn’t even think to pick one up.

  4. wow great haul!!…… love the spatula, but wondering what those colourful stripes are….?? Is that a sticker or something which is removable??

  5. I got a ton of $10 craft kits for $1 each.
    A singing pumpkin (that my little ones love) for $3.
    Pretzel M & M’s.
    A fedora playhat for $1.20

  6. I got 12 cake mixes for free using $1/2 coupons, 2 kitty cat bibs (I will use these for baby gifts since they are not Halloweeny at all).39, A cow costume for my toddler for next Halloween $3.00 , 3 pairs of socks that do not look Halloweeny .39, 3 pack of Gerber 2 pack halloween sleepers .89, cup cake liners, a pack of princess nailpoishes that are actually pens .30, and a lady bug costume to add to a dress up box I am making my little cousin for Halloween $2

  7. Both the Woodinville and Redmond Targets had costumes and accessories (e.g. halloween decorations, etc) for 90% today. I think candy was at 70%(, but I didn’t buy any because my son tends to eat way more than he should, and is likely to find any if I have any at home)! Good luck to everyone on getting deals! I got the red racing car costume (for $3!!!) for my son for next year, and I think he’ll love it! I also bought a 6-12 months costume plus 18-months pair of PJs for my friend for next year who had her son the 1st week of Oct! 🙂 Thank you for your help in scoring such great stuff for such *amazing* prices!

    1. I love that you didn’t buy candy, because you knew it was something your family didn’t need. That is so awesome! My will power is not as strong as yours. 🙂 Congrats on your other great finds.

  8. I got awesome black tissue paper with spider web design which I plan to use for my son’s SuperHero party this summer goodie bags for 20 cents. I also scored 3 bags of SpiderMan boxed crayons (12 boxes of crayons in each bag) and 2 bags of 20 SpiderMan tatoos for dirt cheap to add to the goodie bags. In addition, I am planning a CandyLand birthday party for my 2 year old daughter for July so needless to say, I stocked up on candy for her party for an AWESOME price. I bought candy that I know I can keep fresh, such as Smarties, double bubble, hard candy, skittles, etc.) So much fun!!

    1. @Nancy Your comment totally make me smile! You are my kind of shopper! I love when you can think outside of the box and think ahead for future birthdays and such. Thanks for sharing!

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