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Readers’ 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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Here are some photos of 70% off Christmas clearance deals our readers recently shared with us!   I love seeing these photos because they can tip us off to deals we may not have known about.    Here are some other posts that we have done that have some hidden deals if you want more things to watch for:


Don’t forget to check out the Starbucks Cafe if your Target has one, Justine found all of these Starbucks items  for 70% off.


Pam picked up so many neat items like bins, gift tins, wrapping paper, Sharpie pens & more.


Check out all of the items Kristine picked up, candles, Ziploc bags, bakeware & more.  She paid only $36.23 for everything and the retail price was $246.25.  Notice the Glad candles seem to be part of the clearance this year.


Yvette found a nice variety of items including wrapping paper, tissue paper, lights, a really cool easy storage spool & more.


How pretty is this Threshold throw Lee-Ann picked up?  It was priced at $10.49 (reg $34.99).


Diana spotted this Threshold bench on clearance in the regular furniture section.  It was 70% off.    You can view all of the furniture and home decor items that are part of the Christmas clearance through this links.  There are TONS of items you wouldn’t think would be part of the Christmas clearance.


Here is a look at all of the items Jennifer brought home!  I LOVE the Santa sign, it is too cute!


Here is Diane’s haul! Notice the 4 packs of facial tissue, because those are part of the Christmas clearance too. I love all the home decor and furniture she found.


The Method Pomegrante scent items were 70% off.  Sprays, dish washing liquid and hand soap were $1.04, and the candle was $2.09.

We have really enjoyed looking at all of your Christmas clearance finds!  Please, continue to share your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. I’m not sure. I call at 8:00 in the morning when they open to check. As soon as they tell me 90% off, I drive right over. I think each state might be different. Last year the 90% off didn’t hit until the 4th or 5th of January! I will keep you posted when it goes to 90%! I’m curious how it will run in GA for you.

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