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Target Christmas Clearance Finds (Furniture, Home Decor & More)

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I finally made it to Target to scope out the Christmas clearance for you all, and I have some exciting news to report!!  It seems like some of the furniture collections are considered part of the Christmas clearance (the same thing happened last year too).  Please keep in mind clearance can vary by location so I can’t guarantee you will find the same items or prices at your store.

Check out the following collections online so you know what to look for when you head to Target.  I have found that many of the items from these collections are part of the Christmas clearance.

You are probably wondering what makes me think these items part of the Christmas clearance and not every day clearance.  Here are a couple of things that tip me off:

  • These items do not have red clearance stickers on them.
  • The prices on these items ends in a 9 instead of an 8. Pretty much all regular department clearance items will end in a 4 or 8 (in-store prices end in a 9 even though the online prices end in a 8).

Here is a peek at some of the collections and other great items I found on clearance.   These items are currently 50% off at my store in Renton.  There is a decent chance these may go 70% off tomorrow because we saw a few reports on the All Things Target Facebook page that some stores went 70% off today.

First up, are items from the Nate Berkus Home Collection.   Lots of home decor items and furniture with wood and gold accents.





I forgot to scan this one, but so far all the other items I found from this collection have been part of the Christmas clearance.





Next, we have some items from the Threshold Christmas collections.


Technically the 2 gold ones on the right are a part of the Nate Berkus collection.













All of the Sharper Image gift sets also are part of the Christmas clearance.



Don’t forget about the elf sets that may be in the beauty section.


Beauty gift sets are also part of the clearance.



Here are some random items I scanned that were mostly in the stocking stuffer section.






Lastly, don’t forget about all the items in the Dollar Spot that will now be on clearance too.   You can check out my post that show all the the Christmas items when they were first stocked to give you an idea of what to watch for.

You know we LOVE to see photos of your Christmas clearance shopping trips, so if you’ve got one your are proud of please share it any of the following ways:

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  1. What site are you using to check DPCIs at the store level for pricing? I previously was using Fyndley or Brickseeker, but now I do not see the option to view the pricing. Thank you for everything you do!

    1. I went to the store and used the scanner to check the prices. I noticed today that neither Fyndly or BrickSeek are working at this time. I wonder what is up?

  2. I really want a bar cart, I’ve gone to several stores and can’t seem to get my hands on one! Is it ringing up as $13.99??!?

    I will say I bought a bunch of Threshold items at 70% and since it’s considered ‘home’ and not ‘seasonal’ they refunded me when it jumped up to 90% a few days later 🙂 The Nate Berkus stuff hasn’t been marked down as much in MD area.

    1. Yes, the bar carts should also be 90% off and ringing up at $13.99 (if the retail is $139.99). I was surprised to find all the different home decor lines that were on clearance this year.

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