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Target: More Hidden Christmas Clearance Finds

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A big HUGE thanks to Staton for sending me these photos of some hidden clearance finds at Target.

target hidden Christmas man jack

Check the men’s shave aisle for these Every Man Jack shave kits that are ringing up at 70% off. These are only $4.49, which is a super deal because they were originally priced at $14.99, but have a retail value of $30.

target hidden christmas kids made modern

I mentioned that several of the Kdis Made Modern sets were ringing up at 70% off.   Staton found this big set with a retail price of $39.99, ringing up for only $11.99.

I love Target clearance, it’s so much fun when you can find some unexpected deals!    Keep sending in these hidden deals to [email protected] or post directly on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. Nice finds! Not sure if you posted this deal or not yet, but yesterday I found a pair of little girls hello kitty slippers that weren’t marked down but rang up at $4.79. They had other kinds too, not just hello kitty. 🙂

  2. I am going there again today! I like the mens shave kit ill let you know if it’s avalible in the Louisville area! Thank You!

  3. Tami, I found small stocking-stuffer sized Elf products in the Xmas section. I got a 3 pack of nail polish, 3 pack of lip glosses, and a concealer for my daughter. The large sets were only 15% off in the regular section.

    I found several awesome hidden clearance items today. I got an Ipad case for $7.49 and one of the Remington curling irons for $6.89. I also discovered Faith Hill and Obsession perfumes in a smallish box regularly $9.99 ring up for $2.99. There were also a couple of Men’s scents in this same size box though I didn’t price them. Another item I found hidden was hand cream in a silvery tube (french vanilla and lavender scents). These were in a large, round cardboard display bin in the women’s pajama section.

    1. Thanks so much Lori! I will look for the curling iron as well as the lotions. About the Faith Hill perfume do you remember if the box was pink or blue? And were they in their normal aisle? 🙂

  4. I found the Every Man Jack sets at $4.49 this morning. They were marked as a repackage with a price if $7.51 but scanned at the $4.49 price.

    1. I didn’t buy these when I found them, the hubby didn’t see a need. Well lucky us, we found two at 90% off today so only $1.49 each! The husband couldn’t say no this time. 🙂

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