Target: School Supplies 70% off??

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I am getting lots of reports that school supplies have made it to 70% off finally.   Keep in mind that the school supply clearance will vary greatly because school starts at different times in different areas.   Most stores should be 70% off by now because they need the room to add new seasonal merchandise.  Check out the awesome school supplies our reader’s Michelle and Nicky found at 70% off!  Let’s hear what you have been finding at your store.

target read clear nicky

There was a great variety of binders, notebooks and paper 70% off at Nicky’s store.  The binders were only $3.88 a piece.

target read clear school michelle pic 2

Michelle found a ton of school supplies down to 70% off.  Here is the breakdown:

World and United States Maps $2.68
Paints (Red, Blue, Yellow) $1.48 each
Mr. Sketcher Scented Markers $3.28
48 ct Pencils $1.78
70 page note book $.05

target read clear school pic 1

Michelle picked up a bunch of backpacks, these were priced at $14.98 (reg $49.99).

target read clear michelle pic 2

Michelle also spotted kids’ Thermos priced at $4.48.

We love it when you share your awesome clearance deals with us.  Please continue sharing your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. I was able to get a white board for $2 and saw others that came up to ~8 for a big one but only at the register. My store was all 70% off but they weren’t marking it so they’d scan ~30%. The cashiers were changing the prices at the front end. There were also laminate rolls for $1.25, Mr Sketch was about $2, notebooks for 0.14cents! Great stuff!

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