Target: School Supplies 70% off? (Scotch Tape for only $ .05)

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I have heard from a couple of people that the school supplies are now 70% off. This clearance may vary greatly according to your location. I know that the school supplies just recently went 30% off here in Washington. Last year the school supplies went 70% off here was September 14th, and we are pretty close to that date, so you never know they could be 70% off here too.

Let us know what you find! The school supply selection in our area is pretty slim.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for the tape that was in the school section, if you find it at 70% off, they will be only $ .30 a roll. Use the $ .25 coupon and it brings the price down to only $ .05

Scotch Tape $ .30 (70% off school supply section)
$ .25/1 coupon from 8/5 SmartSource insert
Final Price = $ .05 each

Thanks Liz & Jennifer!

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  1. I went to Target two days ago in Lakeland, FL and one side of school supplies was 70% off and another was 30% (some nicer stuff with Hello Kitty and other characters were still 30%) I used price checker on couple of things to make sure price is right and it was still 30%.. Aslo backpacks and lunch boxes were still 30%.. Maybe next week that will be 70% too.. I should go to Target this weekend again and will give an updated.
    By the way, I just started following your blog and I love it!!!! Learning so much about coupons, thanks a lot!

  2. Hello! It is my first time to leave a comment here. I really like your blog and learn so much about coupons too.

    Jelena, I live in Maitland too. I will check to Target tomorrow to see if I can find 70% off school supplies. I will give an updated too.

  3. I still have my receipts from last year when the school supply clearance went to 90% and the date was 9/13/11! I grabbed a lot of notebooks for 5 cents each! I will check in case they go down today! I have gone to Target this week and it has been 70% off since Sunday! I live in central CA!

  4. 2 stores in Tucson, AZ had them at 70% off yesterday but there was not much to choose from…but my son got a new skull candy back pack for about $13!

  5. Oh Wow.. I am going back tomorrow (Lakeland FL) to see if they put everything to 70%.. I am hoping some backpacks and some lunchboxes will be marked at least 70%.. thanks ladies!!!

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