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Hidden Christmas Clearance: Remington Limited Edition 1 1/2″ Curling Iron

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Remington curling iron

I originally saw this curling iron in the Christmas section and was happy when it scanned 70% off.   I though maybe somebody just put it in the wrong spot and it was just part of the regular clearance that happens in each department, but after looking at my receipt I realize it is in fact part of the Christmas clearance.

The fact that the price of this clearance item ends in a “9” tells me that it is in fact considered part of the Christmas clearance.

remington curling iron

The curling iron you will want to look for is the Remington 1 1/2″ Curling Iron for medium curls.   This curling iron is a limited edition and comes with 6 hair elastics.    You may want to check the hair accessory aisle at your store to see if you can find one.

I did notice other Remington limited edition flat irons and curlers, but the only one marked down at my store was the 1 1/2″ one.

Let me know if anybody else finds one of these!

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  1. Did you see others besides the one you bought? According to the website the 1.5 is not sold in stores only online. Perhaps it was an online purchase returned in store . . .? I’d love to find one!

  2. How do you find these deals i also walked around target looking for these hidden deals and i could not figure out how you do it lol Happy New Years! I did get some nice Christmas clearance stuff thanks to your hard work on this website! =)

  3. I was able to purchase it today in store for $7.48. I found it at an end cap not at the usual curling iron section.

  4. I also found the 1″ curling iron on clearance for $6.89 today (it wasn’t on a clearance end cap, but I thought I would check the price after seeing your post.) Totally bought it, since I needed one!

  5. Thanks so much for this tip! I was able to find both the 1″ and 1.5″ for $2.49 in the regular beauty section! I found that the ones that have the “salon high heat 350 ” on the box are the clearance ones. There were other ones that looked identical and had a higher heat on the box but they all scanned regular price.

  6. What a surprise! 70% off on Remington 11/2” hair Curling tool in the Christmas Sale kitty. Chance or luck as you say. Any one else finding it may stand up – Hail Lady luck!

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