Target: Many reporting 70% off in Kitchen Department

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I have heard from quite a few people that there has been some great markdowns in the kitchen department yesterday.   Many  are finding items marked down to 70% off.   There is no guarantee you will find the same at your store, but if you are headed there today you may want to check out that department.

Pictured above are the items reader Wendy picked up:

  • 11 inch sauce pan $13.48
  • Pizza wheel $2.38
  • Hand colander $4.48
  • Tongs $3.88
  • Spatulas $1.78

Thanks to Wendy for the heads up and the photo!

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  1. My store had those items too, also some Nordic Ware pans for 70% off–not Christmas ones, but I think one was cupcake sized insects, and one was for making cupcake sized cakes that you could also do ice cream with–I think they were wild animals like lions, etc. I didn’t buy any, and my pictures didn’t come out well.

  2. I found an ice cream scoop, several Giada pans, and glass Pyrex bowls. I also saw a small stir fry pan at 70 percent off.

  3. I got a blue 5qt calphalon dutch oven for $29.98, 70% off the regular price of $99.99. Also got the pizza wheel from Giada’s line for $2.38 and a cake stand for $5.98, both also 70% off.

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