Target: Blue Dot Dollar Spot 70% off

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I’ve heard that the blue dot items in the Target Dollar Spot are now 70% off. If you don’t see at 70% off sign at your store, I would scan one of the items just to be sure. All $1.00 items will now be only $ .30.

Let us know if you find some great deals!

Thanks Terri!

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  1. One item I got with an orange star was also 70% off. Usually the signs say what color/shape are discounted, this time there was nothing specific. The cashier said it was because it was more than one kind this time. Unfortunately, things were not organized well so some items that were right by the signs were not on clearance. Some of the items I got were kids’ books, (workbooks, reading journals, and a book of craft ideas) shaker eggs (musical instruments, they had some other wooden ones too), plastic sesame street cup, monsters U plastic food storage container, (they also had the avengers), some stickers for labeling food, and silicone pastry brushes. Also I got a bunch of magnetic photo frames (wallet-sized, the clear plastic/acryllic kind). My store also had a lot of the barbecue themed items left, although a lot of them had an original price of $3.

  2. Found 70%
    In Estero, Florida target
    Got super cute bracelets and neckless of Hello kitty !!!!
    Great for our Operation Christmas child box in Nov!!

  3. Thanks so much for the heads up! I ran right out to my Target in Pgh. There were no signs indicating the sale.

    In addition to what the other posters listed, I got small foam airplanes; most of the super hero items that I scanned were 70% off (coloring kits, wallets, magnets, bowls, plates, food containers, stickers, notebooks, pencil cases) and Hello Kitty stickers. Candyland and PacMac bandages as well as glow in the dark rubber bugs have blue dots but were not on sale. My store also had gift bags that were 70% off in the Dollar Spot section.

    I stocked up on super hero items for party favors.

  4. This afternoon when I went to target just scanned to see if they were 50./. Off but to my suprise they were 70./. But nothing marked no sign . I found a lot of things little ceramic bowls, sandwich boxes for kids ,serving spoons, plastic treat bags ,kids books.
    I didn’t know hello kitty was on clearance too . I just got one flag ….wanted to buy more but didn’t find any
    Thanks everyone for sharing . I will make another trip tomorrow to buy some more stuff if anything is left.

  5. I was thrilled to see those 70% off signs this afternoon! There were some camping items left for 30¢… a camping pouch, 5-in 1 survival tool, mini flashlights, and a Multi Function Pocket Knife for 90¢.. Its actualy a pretty good one! ~ There were still a lot of Hello Kitty items (3-pack gel pens, re-usable bags, mini notebooks, glitter tattoos, reusable cups, plates, water bottles), and some super hero stuff like that as well. The red,white,and blue 12 pack glow braceletts are 30¢ !!! Lots of BBQ/grilling themed items… Table cloth weights in the shape of ketchup n mustard bottles, or piggies,.tall drinking glasses (beer glasses), cloth aprons, skewer sticks, insulated can/bottle holders ( I know there’s a name for those, I’m drawing a blank!), disposable cups, napkins, plates, coasters. And the usual…light up squishy balls, various kids books, post it notes (ice cream sandwhiches, regular sandwhich bread ones, kids sunglasses. Have fun shopping everyone!

  6. The sign said blue dot, but I found that many blue oval, orange star, and I think even a few purple and maybe blue star items were also 70% off, but not all. Some things came up “item not found,” so I put them back, but the ones I really still wanted scanned up on clearance anyway at the register. I got tons of stuff for my kids’ cooking class, but I was hoping for more superhero stuff.

  7. There was lots of stuff still available with blue dots, orange stars, and blue ovals at the Dollar Spot at the Jantzen Beach store in Portland, OR today.

  8. I stopped by Sunday to see if I could get anything and then called all my friends! Got lots of little things for our camping/road trip coming up:
    Hot Dog Roasters (30 cents)
    Kabob sticks (8/90cents)
    Melamine “Solo” cups (30 cents-They won’t blow away outside!)
    Kid fan on necklace (30 cents)
    Ball on a rope for retrieving (30 cents)
    Freezbies (30 cents)

  9. In Dallas, we bought all the superhero stuff and kitchen memo/post its for .30 cents. They had 1 sign posted.

  10. I went to Federal Way Target last friday and got tons of blue dot stuff for 50% off but when I went back a couple days later to see if they were 70% off, everything blue dot had been taken off clearance and was ringing up at the regular $1 price again. I have never seen that happen, the cashier said they were going to do that now for dollar stuff (clearance it and then price it back to original price…) so weird!!!

  11. The same thing happened to me…could purchase blue dot items at 70% off through Sunday. Went to another Target on Monday, and they were $1. I’ve never seen the clearance items go back to full price before. None of the stores I went to had any signs indicating 70% off, which is also a first. Would be nice to know Target’s policy around Dollar Spot clearance—seems counterintuitive to call something clearance then move it back to full price!!!

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