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My Target 70% off Christmas Clearance Deals

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This year has been different in so many ways, including when it comes to holiday clearance. So, while I am usually a wait for 90% off clearance kind of girl I actually bought some things at 70% off this year. I’m sharing with you what I bought and what my plans are for the items. There are some Hearth and Hand items that I am holding out for 90% off and I always buy lip balm at 90% off too.  Hopefully, it works out, if not it’s no big deal there will always be another clearance.

First up, I picked up the Hearth & Hand brass mirror, this item is actually for my daughter. She graduates college and is moving out on her own in a few months and she said she wanted this if I found it at 70% off.  She was too chicken to hold out for 90% off (rookie!).  I totally get it though, if you are furnishing your own place, 70% off sounds like a pretty great deal.  Plus, it is something she absolutely loves, I would have done the same!

Hearth & Hand Brass Mirror $16.49 (reg $54.99)

Next up, more Hearth & Hand items. I’m a big fan of the Hearth and Hand line. We just painted our downstairs and I am in need of new curtains. I was thrilled to find 4 identical curtain panels in the 95″ length in a color that would coordinate with my walls.

Hearth & Hand Curtains $8.99 (reg $29.99)

I thought these cute little Hearth & Hand trees were adorable.  I was surprised to find them, they have been gone from my stores for weeks.  I knew they wouldn’t be around at 90% off.

Hearth & Hand Wooden Trees $2.99 (reg $9.99)

I was shocked to find these Sugar Paper items, my store had been sold out for weeks. I loved the pouches when I first saw them! I knew these two items would make a great (and cheap) gift if I don’t keep them for myself.  These also would not be left at 90% off.

Sugar Paper Candle $3.00 (reg $10.00)

Sugar Paper 3 Zip Pouches  $2.40 (reg $8.00)

I love buying the beauty sets when they go 70% off, it’s fun to save on items you need to buy anyway. Here are the sets I bought. I actually went in for Pomade because my son was out so I was thrilled to find some Pomade in one of the clearance sets.   I love the Vera Bradley set too, such a great deal!

Venus Vera Bradley Set $4.49 (reg $14.99)

Rose Quartz face & eye roller $2.99 (reg $9.99)

Goodfellow & Co set $4.49 (reg $14.99)

O’Keefe’s set $2.99 (reg $9.99)

I love shopping the holiday Target at clearance it’s one of my favorite things!  I also love seeing YOUR clearance deals, so please share you photos any of the following ways:

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  1. Still 70 percent off in El dorado hills and Folsom CA. Slim pickings but still some of the hidden clearance to be found at 70 off. Check beauty. Lots of holiday gift sets mixed in with regular merch. EOS holiday on end caps. Happy hunting.

  2. 90% off today in MD, some hidden beauty finds like shown in the pics but nothing much left. Thanks so much for the tips! 🙂

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