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Target Hidden Valentine Clearance Finds

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There seems to be a lot less clearance deals this time around than there was last year, at least that is the case at the 2 stores I have visited. Here are a few deals you may want to check for at your stores.

lego valentine clearance

Here is a look at one of the LEGO items that was in the Valentine clearance. You will want to keep an eye out of the LEGO City Sea Plane.   (Thanks Nicky)

hidden target valentine

Make sure you check the pet section at Target, there are some Boots & Barkley items that are part of the Valentine clearance. The even have bins and storage jars that you could use that don’t necessarily have to be for pets.
(Thanks Ivy)

rachel trip

Check the kitchen department for muffin pans and more. Also keep an eye out for Hot Wheels packs with hearts on them. (Thanks Rachel)

amy trip

Here are a few small items that Amy found. You may want to check the art department for the Play-Doh sets, she also mentioned that there were a Minnie & Daisy version too. (Thanks Amy)

target valentine trip

Here are a bunch of items that Lisa was able to pick up.   You may want to check your stores toy department to see if any of the Mega Bloks small sets she bought ended up back there.

nicky trip

Here is more of Nicky’s shopping trip. I want to point out the Angry Birds may be something that ends up back in the toy section. You will also want to check for the socks and slippers in the hosiery department. Make sure you check for items with the hearts on the tags.

Happy shopping! Let us know if you find any other items that may have made their way back to their respective departments.

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  1. I got those tennis shoes that Lisa got for really cheap too! They were on clearance for $7.48 and cartwheel had a deal last week of 25% off kids shoes. Great price and my daughter loves them!

  2. I loooove the photos, helps me a ton. Always curious though why people buy at 70% rather than holding out for 90?? Maybe they have just one store? Live rural? I have about 11, so all but a few of the stores always have a ton of stuff at 90%.

    1. Brooke- I think you answered your own question! In Hawaii, We have only two stores on the island, but sometimes there are quite a bit at 90, just have to check!

    2. Anything I’m really set on getting, I buy at 70 because my store is in a very high-traffic area in the suburbs. I’m so envious when I see pics of stores with aisles full of goodies at 90%. My store generally has about half an aisle when it hits 90, and most, if not all, of the “good stuff” that I wanted sells the day it hits 70.

    3. I scavenge my store at least 3 times a week. I have yet to find a single item at 90% off in San Diego, Ca. its definitely regional. 🙁

    4. I love the photos too! I have 3-4 near me without having to drive too far, and another 3-4 if I wanted to drive to the other side of the town and go someone out of the way. Even with me visiting the 3-4 by me though, stuff is always picked clean or goes fast. I get so jealous seeing people find aisles of clearance!

  3. Fingers crossed that all goes 90 tomorrow. I will be at my local store right at 8 am. And to Brooke, I sometimes buy things that I don’t think will last til 90. I bought the Angry Birds because at $1 a piece it wasn’t worth missing them, and my store only had one of each left. (I only have 2 stores near me.)

  4. Where would I find the little broom?
    All I bought today was a Chelsea Barbie and a Minnie/Daisy play dough set, both which I found randomly in the toy area. I’m hoping to get more stuff at 90%! There’s a few things I have my eye on.

  5. Does anyone else’s store mark toys during the clearance as “repackage” instead of clearance? Nearly everything in the January toy clearance that people posted had these “repackaged” stickers priced at only $2 or $3 less than normal and even when it was all 70% off the repacked were not part of the clearance. I’m seeing this on the v-day toys people have found too… Very annoying!

  6. Thank you everyone who posted the pictures above. It is such a great resource to have when I’m at my local Target. I wasn’t able to find much, but I was able to find one bag of the lego sea plane left on a shelf. I scanned it and it was at 70% off. Had it not been for your pictures, I would have no idea it was a Valentine clearance item. Thank you so much again.

  7. Yesterday I was able to find some Pacman K’nex mini packs. They do not have any seasonal markings on the package at all. I came across one randomly in the Valentine section but there were a ton back in the regular toy aisles.
    Also found some mini Hello Kitty figures; no luck with lego sets.

  8. I was so ready to find some of those lego planes. I had scouted out the section ahead of time and knew which one I was looking for and two stores that I go to, had several. But even at 70% I couldn’t find any. So I guess they all went at 50% or before I got there at 70%. So wish I had found some at 90%.

    I did find a good deal on MM’s though. They were 70% off today and there is a Target coupon for $1.50 off two bags and a cartwheel for 10% off. So I got four bags and they were ten cents each. I was very happy. Almost made up for no lego sets. 🙂

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