GE Reveal Light Bulbs + $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway

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I was sent some of the GE Reveal light bulbs to try out in my home and I have to say I was surprised at what a difference these lights made when I compared them to the other light bulbs I was using.    The GE Reveal bulbs provided more of a bright white light where my previous bulbs gave off more of a dingy yellow glow.     I would have never have know the difference if I didn’t give the GE Reveal bulbs a try.

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Target currently has a Cartwheel offer for 25% off any GE Reveal light bulbs that is valid through Februrary 28th.

A quick and easy way to makeover your home for the New Year is to switch your light bulbs to GE reveal® for clean beautiful light that will make the colors of any room pop. GE reveal® bulbs provide amazing clean full spectrum light that filters out the dull yellows of standard incandescent light bulbs.

Watch this fun and stylish video featuring four hip tastemakers discussing the importance of good lighting and how quick and easy it is to do a reveal® lighting makeover.

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Enter to win:   You can enter to win a $25 Target gift card + GE Reveal light bulbs

How to enter:   Just leave a comment on this post letting my know a room in your house that could use a makeover.

Giveaway will close on Tuesday, February 25th 2014 at 9am PST.   The winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

I was provided with some GE light bulbs to facilitate my review.   GE and Target are providing the products for this giveaway.

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  1. My living room could use a makeover for sure. It’s so bland and dull- I need some color splashes and good lighting to liven it up!!!

  2. Bedroom #2, which we are working on for our 2-year-old daughter could definitely use some lighting! Thanks! :0)

  3. It’s hard to limit to just one room, but I would love a master bedroom makeover! I think it should be a sanctuary not an unorganized mess!

  4. My kitchen! I would love a total makeover, but just better organization and some decorating would go a long way!

  5. My bedroom desperately needs some organizing bins and such! I have the smallest room in the house so it’s hard to make room with no room, it’s my bed room, study room, closet, and dressing room at the same time. So if I could create faux room with organizing bins it would be very nice! 🙂

  6. What a great (and fun!) giveaway, thanks for the chance!

    Which room is major due in our home? Ahhhh, the FAMILY ROOM equipped with wood panel walls throughout and…well…that should sum it up!

    Looking forward to brightening up our home – and the room we spend the most time in.

  7. My master bedroom! I’ve just painted it but now I’m stuck! It definitely needs some make-over help!

  8. My kitchen. It is probably the only room in my house that is exactly the same as it was 9 years ago when I move in. The lighting is awful and ugly, yet the kids need to do their homework at the dining room table so we need good light.

  9. My BATHROOM! The lighting is horrible and needs a vanity makeover for sure. I would love to test out new lighting to see what difference it makes. Hopefully, I will even look better! 🙂

  10. My master bedroom is the one room in the entire house that could definitely, without a doubt use a makeover! It has no theme and no cohesion whatsoever!

  11. I would love to have our family room area redone- we have a great space but need new lighting to make it more functional.

  12. My living room desperately needs a little TLC and better lighting for shooting pictures of our adorable little man!

  13. Does a walk in closet count as a room? That’s my biggest looming project. Oh or our bathroom but I prefer not to think about all the work that one will take. =)

  14. We are trying to make our basement a movie/play room for our kids. Can’t wait until it’s done.

  15. I would love to make over the lighting in my master bedroom!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  16. I would say the bathroom I share with my now 1 year old. It is decorated the same way since I got married 7 years ago (with items from our registry). I would love to decorate in a way fitting for me AND him! I saw lots of great options at Target yesterday!

  17. Hi AllthingsTarget! Although my entire home needs a makeover (don’t tell my husband I said that), I would start with my kitchen. The white tile, faux oak cabinetry, and florescent tube lighting need to be returned to the eighties! Thank you!!!

  18. My living room needs a big-time lighting makeover. It’s so dark, and this is the space where we entertain. It’s great for movie night, but that’s pretty much it!

  19. I think the question is more which room in my house does NOT need a makeover! A new homeowner wants to redo all the rooms!


  20. We’re moving to a very old house soon so the whole house could use a makeover- but especially the living room!

  21. My family room….we spend most of our time in there and it is the drabbest room in the house 🙁

  22. My master bathroom needs a serious makeover, our house was built in 1988 and we still have shell sinks and horrible fluorescent lighting! Uugh, lol.

  23. I just recently moved to a new apartment that doesn’t have any overhead lighting in my bedroom, so that room is definitely in need of a makeover and some extra lighting!

  24. Our family room needs a makeover. We spend much of our time there but it isn’t the most functional space because it lacks storage, good lightning, abs of course that cozy feeling.

  25. My bathroom is in need of a makeover, including the lighting. It is very dated and difficult to see while putting on makeup.

  26. Every room except the nursery needs a make over. But I think the next room will be the kitchen. (new knobs, light fixture, paint). great contest!

  27. My bedroom for sure. I have been saving for new furniture so hopefully it will happen soon.

  28. My hall closet! I would actually like to demo the wall down between it and the office and make it a big open space with hooks and cubbies and desks for the kids to study. The hallway is so dark because there is hardly any light, and this would really brighten it up. Not to mention, the closet is right next to the stairs going up when you walk into the garage. It gives us (hubby, two boys, and another boy on the way) only about a 3 foot by 3 foot area to get coats and shoes off/on. We end up using the stairs as a closet. NIGHTMARE!!! A girl can always dream!!! 🙂

  29. My bedroom needs a makeover. And Target has new line of quilts and sheets that I’m more than eager to get my hands on!

  30. My daughters room could use some better lighting. Believe me this 2 year old would notice and tell everyone about it.

  31. The master bedroom. It needs to be a little sexier and inviting in there! Gotta shake up the marriage!

  32. my guest bedroom… has all my old college stuff in it, needs to be updated and more sophisticated

  33. I just bought new paint for our Master last night and I’m changing everything, even our ceiling fan! This would come in handy!

  34. Most definitely my guest bathroom and February 25th is m birthday…this would be the perfect birthday gift!!!

  35. I was just telling my husband how much I would love to redo our kitchen! If only money grew at Target 🙂

  36. My kitchen could totally use a makeover! Its been at least 50 years since anything has been updated!

  37. My son’s room can use new lights. He gets headaches after reading in the low lit, yellow lights in there now.

  38. My bedroom for sure needs a makeover…we need to get a new light/fan because it stopped working.

  39. My nine-month-old son’s room. For the last five years it as been used as play space for my licensed in-home daycare. Would love to make it over just for him!

  40. My kitchen could use new cupboards and counters for sure. It could be a really nice kitchen with some work!

  41. My 3 month old baby’s room is in desparate need of a makeover. It was our office so you can imagine what it looks like now- an office with a crib & changing table! Haha

  42. We have done some things to get my daughter’s room updates for a tween but it could still use a bit more. Thanks!

  43. All the rooms in my house, especially my family room with tall ceilings, could use an uplift with clean bright light without the yellow tinge given off by regular bulbs.

  44. Def my bedroom! I haven’t had a headboard since I left home at the age of 19. Let’s just say that was a really long time ago. 2 kids later and a single mom and trying to run a business out of our apt. Yeah this room is very neglected! HELP! 🙂

  45. I was JUST thinking about this yesterday. Packing & re-organizing my (now off-on-his-own) son’s room and noticed that the bulbs were giving the khaki walls a strange hue 🙁

  46. I would love to see my parents bathroom get a makeover. They greatly deserve a nice soaking tub!

  47. For sure my entire house. but if I had to choose just one room I’d start with our kitchen!! 🙂

  48. My bathroom could sure use a makeover–the towel rack is broken and the lighting is HORRIBLE!

  49. Our office/craft room. It’s just a hot mess right now. Lots of clutter and no decor. It needs some serious organization and revamping.

  50. my bedroon needs a complete overhaul!!!! I don’t have a frame or headboard. Nothing matchs and I need pictures and a new vanity plus curtains.

  51. My bathroom could sure use some brighter lights above the mirror. Cheap florescents from Menards didn’t even last a year 🙁

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