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Readers 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds & More Hidden Deals

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I am sharing some readers 70% off Target Christmas shopping trips. Several readers have shared some deals that may be hidden at stores. Meaning, they may have been put back in their respective department, but are ringing up at 70% off. Make sure you check out my 70% off Hidden Deal post for even more finds.

70 off amanda

Amanda found some pans that are ringing up at 70% off. They don’t appear to have a Christmas theme to them at all, they are made by Wilton.    Let us know if you find some at your store too!

70 off sonya

Here are the items Sonya found.   I am totally jealous of the JOY letters, I was hoping to find those at my store, but no luck!    She also scored an Elf on the Shelf and some cool outdoor decorations.

70 off stephanie main

Here are the items Stephanie picked up, she found some Barbie’s and some Teenage Mutant Ninga turtle LEGOs too.

70 off Stephanie

Here is a close-up of the Barbie and Princess items, so you know what you are looking for.

70 off gwen

Wow! Check out all the cool stuff Gwen was able to find. I can’t believe she was able to find Glad cling wrap .  Jealous!!   I was also hoping to to my tree in the aqua colors next year so I am jealous about those too.

70 off Brittany

Reader Brittany scored quite a few great items too!

70 off krilicam

Krilicam found some of the Scotch tape and scissors that are ringing up at 70% off. She also sent the following pictures of items that were ringing up at 70% off including a toothbrush.


hello kitty nale

70 off stefanie lego

Thanks to Stefanie for sharing a close-up of the LEGO Ninja Turtle set too.

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  1. Wilton mini muffin pans were 70% off at my store too, not Christmasy and just mixed in with the regular baking stuff. There were a bunch of those JOY signs, but they were all chipped up.

  2. I found the spin brushes (among other things) by taking pictures of all the items that didn’t look Christmas-y over in the stocking stuffers area before Christmas. Then, when I was in the dental aisle, I just pulled up the pic and matched it. Lol!

  3. What a haul!! I’ve been bed with crud since Christmas but seeing what I’m missing at Target makes me feel even worse 🙁

  4. I am kind of shocked what everyone is buying, considering most likely it will be 90% tomorrow. I asked my local store and they confirmed for us it would be tomorrow…will write in tomorrow to let you all know. I know there are a ton of the hidden deals, stocked! let me get what I want first 🙂

  5. I just returned from Target. Got many of the hidden clearance items. The cashier told me they are not going 90 % tomorrow like people are predicting. She said for them it would be a day or two. However my other target usually drops sooner.

    1. Yes, totally depends. One of our stores went 70/50 Sunday and one went Monday. Keeping with the 3-3-2 schedule puts our one store at 90/70 tomorrow as confirmed by manager.

  6. I found 4 darling bird christmas pillows 70% off. They were not in christmas and didn’t have a 70% off sign by or sticker on them. 🙂

  7. The Target closest to me was cleaned out! Still 70/50 though. I might try another local store tomorrow. I did get a kids plate set (spiderman) for $2.69.

  8. It may be that it had to be the toothbrush that says “pro clean.” I saw a couple other types on the pegs, but when I compared it to my “scouting” picture, I knew it was that one. I didn’t bother to check the others.

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