Target: Halloween Clearance 50% off

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The Halloween items at Target should be marked down to 50% off on November 1st.  The bagged candy and other food will probably be only 30% off. They will have lots of items besides costumes, here is a peek at the items you may find.       I am sharing the date the Halloween item were marked down to 70% off and 90% off last year.    I can’t guarantee that the markdowns will happen the same time this year, but it does give us an idea if when they may happen.

  • November 1st – 50% off
  • November 3rd & 4th – 70% off
  • November 6th & 7th – 90% off

halloween cups

halloween plates

halloween napkins

There should be plastic cups, plates and napkins.     The paper products usually go fairly quick.

halloween mac and cheese

halloween oreo

halloween food 2

halloween raisin

There will be lots of food items, many of them would be great for lunch and snacks.

halloween toys

There will also be a few toys, like small LEGO sets, Barbies, Hot Wheels and stuffed animals.

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  1. I picked up one of the Halloween barbies and there was an Barbie in the regular aisle already on clearance half off, it worked for the buy one get one 50% off!!

  2. Target WSP and IGH 50 % off food and candy. 70% off other Halloween and $1 black dot. Tons of snacks left on Sun.

  3. I got tons of led and fibe optic lighting at 70% off. There were these gold branch fiber optic lights that make awesome centerpieces for Christmas or parties. I have many ways to use the purple and orange also.
    The led purple lights will add a different element to my Christmas tree. No use over spending on lights when you just don’t have to do it.

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