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Target Christmas Clearance at my Store

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I know that many of you have mentioned that your Target store didn’t have much Christmas stuff left before Christmas so you didn’t think there would be much left now that everything is on clearance. My stores too were pretty wiped out before Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found today.  You may have to walk around the entire store and see if any of these items are in their respective departments.

Don’t forget! This clearance includes so many more items than just Christmas stuff. Make sure you check out our post where we share some of the deals that may be hidden.  Here is a peek at just some of the items I found at my store this morning (the day after Christmas).

My store had so many of the beauty sets marked down to 50% off. I probably only took photos of 1/3 of the different type of beauty sets.


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  1. I went and there were a ton of those Bullseye Playground Christmas trees left. I got one of the Target Fund pouches and small tree collar and set of 10 Teacher gift card holders that could be used any time. I got one of the beauty sets, but hoping to grab them at at least 70% off. There were a ton of pillows. Not many cook ware, but I only went to one today. I plan to go to another tomorrow.

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