Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% of Valentine, Clothing & more)

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Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update! I found the following items at my store in Kent, WA. Keep in mind you may not find the exact same deals at your store since clearance deals vary by location.


The big news this week is that the Valentine clearance has gone down to 70% off.   Some stores marked down yesterday while others marked down to 70% off today.   I am thinking the 90% off markdown will happen 19th for some and the 20th for others.

IMG_8633 (1)

The items in the dollar spot with a black star are also 70% off.   My store moved all of the dollar spot items in the back with the Valentine clearance.  They had a ton of Star Wars items left.  These would be great as favors if you have a Star Wars party planned.


Winter items like snow shoves, ice scrapers and ice melt are 70% off.


Disney Infinity for the 3DS was 70% off and priced at $15.04


iPad case and Otter box phone case were also 70% off.


I found clothing at 70% off in every department.   The men’s department had mostly sweaters, long sleeve shirts and jackets.


70% off in women’s department too.


I spotted PJs and long sleeve shirts in the boys department at 70% off.


Character tees and baseball caps were also 70% off.


I love the Contigo brand!  We own several of these bottles and have been very pleased with the quality.   These 2-packs of bottles were 50% off and price at $7.48 for two.  Super deal in my book.   I don’t “need” anymore, but I will pick some up if they hit 70% off to save for later or gifts.


I also really like these Rubbermaid Lunch Blox kits, we own several and use them all the time.  These were also 50% off.  There were a couple different sizes to choose from.


I found that most of the bedding was marked down to 50% off.    I’m waiting for 70% off to pick up a new comforter for one of the bed at our house.


Blankets were 50% off.   Not the prettiest color, but they do the job, right?


Sheets were also down to 50% off.


There is still a really nice selection of throw pillows at my store and they were all marked down to 50% off.



My store still has a ton of shoes at boots at 50% off.  I am thinking these should go down to 70% off next week.   They need to make room for all the new shoes that are coming in for Spring.


I found large packs of bath tissue marked down to 50% off.   Time to stock-up!


I noticed new markdowns in the women’s socks.  Tons of socks have been marked down to 30% off.

I would love to hear (and see) the great clearance deals you are finding this week.  Please leave a comment or share your photos any of the following ways:

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