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Readers’ Target 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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While we wait to see if the Target Christmas clearance will go 90% off this year, we thought it would be fun to share some photos of 70% off clearance deals from our readers! Make sure you check out our Target Christmas clearance 2022 post that is filled with tons of items you may want to look for when you head to Target.

Sarah did amazing and found a ton of clearance deals! I love the Dr Teals gift set she scored! You can check out all of the other clearance items in the picture below which includes paper items, Starbucks and more.

Speaking of Starbucks, Tara found a couple of really pretty Starbucks cups 70% off! My stores were wiped out! I was really bummed.

Holy cow! Check out the 70% off clearance haul Kristine brought home! She found everything from gift sets, wrapping, decor, food and more. The Husky plushies with the Santa hats are adorable!

This was Adrienne favorite find!! This is a cookie tin that turns into a lantern! She said it included a LED tea light!!

Adrienne found some extensions cords! These are a great hidden item to pick up! She also found a 6-pack of Women’s Surprise Crackers socks! You can take a peek at the other hidden clearance deals she picked up below! The Method hand soap is an awesome hidden clearance deal!

Erica did great! The Wondershop LED lighted Deer decor is really cool!

Brie was thrilled to find these baskets 70% off! These are not part of the Christmas clearance, but there is a TON home items on clearance right now! 

Rebecca found some really neat kids’ Christmas pjs! Holiday apparel is a great item to look for during the clearance sale.

These Star Wars flannel pj’s that Luz found are too cute!

Wow! Julianne found a couple of PopSockets 70% off. These would make great gifts for a tween or a teen!

Ginny scored a bunch of great gift sets, food and more! The Squishmallow so stinking cute! 

Make sure you check out Starbucks if your Target store has one. Adrienne found a Starbucks coffee marked down!

Gina founds some really neat metal decor items. Plus the kids flannel set sheets are a super find!

Cindy got lucky and found a couple of Dash mini waffle makers! Those would be awesome to pick up and save for gifts.

Kristina found a pack of paper plates that would be good to use year round! The Santa platter would be good to save and use at holiday parties next year!

Katy’s cats were very pleased with the cat bed she picked up!

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