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Target Summer Clearance 90% off

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Here are some fantastic photos of readers Target summer clearance 90% off finds!  Thanks so much for sharing with us.

target read clear sum 90 megan 12

Check out all of the awesome 90% off goodies Megan found.  Tote bag, pool, toys, beach towels & more.

target read clear sum 90 kristine float 39

Wow!  Kristine scored this really cool Peanuts pool air mattress for only $.39!

target read clear sum 90 kristine 1

Kristine got lucky and added a 3-pack of Peanuts sunscreen to her haul.  This was only $1.32, which makes them only $.44 each!

target read clear sum 90 rachel

Rachel grabbed a total of 5 folding lawn chairs with prices ranging from $1-$1.30 each.

target read clear sum 90 alicia 9

Alicia’s 90% off haul included a ton of a couple of tumblers, BIC lighters and a ton of sunscreen.  She is set for the rest of the summer.

target read clear sum 90 kristine pitcher 99

Kristine pick up this Cool Gear pitcher for only $.99.

target read clear sum 90 maile 199

Maile was thrilled to find this picnic blanket, this was the one thing on her list she really wanted.  It rang up at just $1.99

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  1. i am impressed at all the summer stuff people have found …. our summer aisles were replaced by back to school by the fourth of july and hardly anything was even marked fifty percent off before they just hauled it all out and we dont go back to school until after labor day!

  2. Stores in south florida hardly ever have any of the deals. Picnic blanket at target in Davie, Fl still full price with very few items at 50% off.

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