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My Target 70% off Toy Clearance Deals

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The majority of the items that got marked down to 70% off this week were mostly games.  I don’t really have kids young enough for toys anymore but we love to play games on a regular basis, so I was thrilled with what I found.   I stocked up on some games for my family and for gifts.  

If you haven’t shopped the Target toy clearance before, it’s a great opportunity to buy toys now and save them for birthday and Christmas presents.

Whenever I shop the big clearance sales I always have a couple friends and family member that I check in with to see if they want things too.   I also buy inexpensive toys now and save them for Christmas time so I can donate them to Toys for Tots.  Buying toys all year long at 70% off makes it easier for me to be generous at Christmas time. Here is a peek at everything I bought.   

Our family loves games, so I will save all of these for our family and pull them out occasionally when we want to play a new game.

Pandemic Rapid Response $11.98 (reg $39.99)

Llamas Unleashed $6.00 (reg $20.00)

Welcome to the Dungeon $4.48 (reg $14.99)

These three items will probably be used as gifts

B. Galaxy Sensory Rattle $2.99 (reg $9.99)

Flash Dice game $3.88 (reg $12.99)

Gotrio Travel Game $2.99 (reg $9.99)

I picked up this one as a gift for my nephew.  You gotta love getting some Christmas shopping done in July!

Magnext $20.98 (reg $69.99)

I bought these items specifically for toy donations at Christmas time.

Perplexus Revolution Runner $7.48 (reg $24.99)

Marvel Fluxx card game $4.48 (reg $14.99)

This one is also for a toy donation at the end of the year. 

Hexbug Gladiators Battling Robots $5.98 (reg $19.99)

Lastly, I called my sister-in-law while I was at Target and picked up an extra few of the items that I mentioned above, but I also got two of these Frozen II games for her.

Frozen II Surprise Slides $3.88 (reg $12.99)

We should see more 70% of markdowns either next week or the week after.  I’ll keep you updated!


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