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Readers Target 90% off Christmas Clearance Shopping Trips

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It’s so much fun seeing what you all find when the holiday clearance goes 90% off! Please, keep those pictures coming!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.15.00 PM

Sophie found some amazing things including the tabletop easels, a gorgeous 3 bowl set, Methd products and LEGOs!!  I have no idea if those lamps were part of the clearance but if they were then that is a MAJOR score!!

target read 90 gerri

This super cute Wish Marquee was only $2.99.   Gerri plans to use it year round in her daughter’s room. What a great idea!   I adore this and am completely jealous!!

target read 90 clear betsy

I am super jealous of all the Lip Smackers Betsy picked up. Those always make great stocking stuffers or party favors!   I’m impressed by all those paper plates too.  Those are always one of favorite things to pick up at 90% off.

target read 90 melanie

These cool Crayola Star Wars crayons were only $.49 per pack at Melanie’s store.  Another great party favor item!   Once again – jealous!!

target read 90 francine

Francine found a great variety of clearance items.  I especially love the Joy sign those super cute Hello Kitty soft lips.

target read 90 julie

Julie got lucky and found this cute Snoopy 2 piece pajama set for only $1.49!

target read 90 brandi

Brandi stocked up on Puffs kleenex, these were only $.29 a box.

target read 90 baleigh

Check out Baleigh’s haul!  She scored so many neat things like decor, gift bags, clothes, candles & more.

We want to thank everyone for sharing your amazing Christmas clearance find us, it is just so darn fun seeing all you money saved!   We would love to see more, please share the following ways:

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  1. Also included in the clearance that I have not yet seen posted yet are the Value Pack disposable plastic white tablecloths – 2 pack. They are $0.30 each at 90 off. There are also Threshhold ice buckets with lids regular $19.99 and ringing up $1.99. Great for storage or candy jars.

  2. Not having any luck at any of my stores finding plates, eos (ringing regular price), puffs. They have the holiday four packs of puffs but they are not ringing on clearance. I just got back from a store and the signs said 70 off but items rang 90. I left with a cart full. I will post pics later. Anyone have the barcode for the EOS? Do they have another label sticker over top of the original or is it a YMMV thing?

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