Target: 50% off Christmas Clearance!!

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Bobby clearance target trip

The Target Christmas clearance has started!    Christmas clearance will be 50% off right now, and should go down to 70% off and then eventually 90% off.   You will probably find lots of food and candy that will only be 30% off.   Check out the photo above of the items Bobby bought, notice the plastic wrap and foil. These are great things to pick up now, because they very rarely make it to 70% off.

We don’t know for sure when the next markdown will happen, but here are the dates the items went 70% off and 90% off last year to give you an idea when it may happen this year.

70% off (food 50% off) = January 2nd & 3rd

90% off (food 70% off) = January 5th

One of the BEST ways to stay on top of the clearance deals is to “like” All Things Target on Facebook, so many fans share the hidden deals they have found and photos of their trips too. It’s fun and informative!

If you are new to shopping the Target Christmas clearance, you can check out all of the items I was able to pick up at 90% off last year.    The holiday clearance is one of my favorite ways to shop Target, because you can pick up items at 90% off and they won’t necessarily be only for holidays.

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  1. There is also some seasonal Cartwheel savings that’s still good. I used the 5%off ziplock on the holiday clearance containers and bags!

  2. Don’t forget on the tupperware items, Target had a coupon for $1.00 off any two ziploc bags or containers. There were 2 of these coupons and they don’t expire until 1/21/14. The containers were $1.50 after clearance markdown so w/coupon they were only $1.00 each.

  3. I scored big on household essentials – gladware, parchment paper, kleenex, etc. I also found some outdoor decor that I knew wouldn’t make it to 70% off. Anything else they had, I can wait. I am hoping to score the large glitter JOY letters 70% off. They had many at every Target I went to.

  4. Ad says toys are 50% off but they were 30% at my store 🙁 can anyone estimate the markdown schedule for the toys? My daughters bday is on Jan 20th! TIA 🙂

    1. I would take the ad in-store, they should honor and were you sure to scan them? Sometimes the signs may be incorrect. Good luck!

  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the upc for the Reynolds aluminum foil. It would help tremendously to see if any of the stores around me still has any left on clearance. Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays!!!

  6. does anyone know if the dunkin donuts seasonal coffees will. Go on sale? I know they did last year… Checked today and it was full p

  7. I was just in my Austin Target and stuff is 70% off!!! Food stuff is only 50% still, so chNces are 90% will come within a day or two! Got gladware at 70% and even decorations and lights!

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