Target: Halloween Clearance 70% off Already???

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I have heard from several people that the Halloween clearance went to 70% off today. I am surprised so many people have reported their stores going down to 70% off already. Clearance markdowns will vary by location, but if you are in the neighborhood of a Target store, it may be worth checking. Please let us know what kind of markdown you find at your store.

Thanks Katie, Sophie, and Megan

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  1. Hi Christy,
    could you plz tell us which locations have reported 70% off? it would be very useful for ppl like me who otherwise get a chance to go shopping only once a week.. thank you.

  2. just bought ariel costume at winder, ga target normally $35, signs said 50% off but when i was walking out store saw they only charged $10.50 so scan your costumes and see if they’re 70% off!!

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