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Target Christmas Clearance 90% Off??

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I have heard from several people that the Christmas clearance went to 90% off at their stores today.   Keep in mind that there is a good chance that your store may still be at 70% off since the 70% off markdown came so late this year.  I did want to give you a heads up just in case and I wanted to share a couple of our readers shopping trips.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.36.59 AM

Kari scored all of these great stuff at 90% off.  I’m just a tad jealous!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.40.31 AM

Here is Jessica’s haul! The mason jar was originally $12.99 and the lantern $20 so those were her best deals. Her kids will love the chalkboard markers and Lego set.

You KNOW we want to see you shopping trips too! Please share the following ways:

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  1. Our local Target went 90% today and I was lucky as I had just walked in and there were women RUNNING to the back of the store with carts. But there were still signs for 50, 70 and 90 percent off and those prices were still in effect. I even checked with an associate just to make sure and she confirmed I should scan everything to make sure. It was a very mixed bag but it appeared that the food/candy was still at 50% and most items were still 70%. They had a very small section with the 90% items. They had the Glade candles for 29 cents each and the Glade candle warmer was 90% off as well.. My daughter was in heaven – they had the ELF makeup gift packs in all sizes and varieties – ranging from 2.49 to 4.99. She assured me it was a fantastic price! We stocked up on those for sure. They had the cute stuffed bear that’s in one of the pictures but several women had grabbed them all. They had some black decorative antique styled candlestick holders – only 99 cents. I didn’t get a picture – it all got put away before I saw this – pretty picked over and very disorganized so not sure I’ll go back.

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