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More Readers’ Target 90% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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We have a new batch of 90% off clearance deals from our readers! Some of these photos include items I haven’t seen before. You might want to take a look at our Target Christmas Clearance resource which is filled with tons of photos of items that are included in the Christmas clearance.

If you don’t currently like  All Things Target on Facebook, you need to jump over that and join us!  We have so many amazing member that share photos of their finds and there are tons of items we haven’t been able to shar yet.  Seriously!  Go check out all the photos. We are sharing a few here:

Amanda did awesome! I can’t freaking believe she found the Hearth & Hand Days of Christmas sign at 90% off and the Letters to Santa mailbox.  That is amazing and I am totally jealous.

Alex picked up some fun clothing. I love the Sleigh What tee, I can totally see my teenager wearing that. 

Woah! Angela scored this Heyday wireless turntable for only $9.99 (reg $99.99). This was an amazing clearance find!  I love that so many of you share your finds on Facebook so we can all find the deals.  

Christy was super excited with all of her 90% off finds!  I’m loving them too!

Beth found some really fluffy white pillows along with some beauty items.  Make sure you check your stores for the Peppermint Tums they are part of the sale too.  I also want to call attention to the razor that lots of people have been finding.

Katy has 4 kiddos and plans to use many of items at teacher gifts throughout the year!  Just look at all that lip balms she scored!  Totally jealous.

Baylee was surprised to find this nice 3-piece comforter set marked down as part of the Christmas clearance.  Look for these sherpa lined comforter sets and use the scanners because they aren’t ringing up 90% at all stores, but there are quite a few that do have them at that price.

Alexia found a ton of baking items.  Check out the pictures below to see all of the clearance items she brought home.

Lots of you are finding the skates thanks to a reader’s tip!

Keep an eye out for men’s socks. Adrienne found these 3-packs of socks 90% off.  I’m so glad she shared, I haven’t been able to figure out which socks were part of the clearance this year.

Kristy also found some men’s boxer and socks sets that are part of the Christmas clearance.

Andrea was thrilled with her clearance deals she brought home. She found several nice baskets, Polaroid frames, pillows and more. 

Jana’s favorite find was this TRESemme Sleigh all Week gift set.  She was able to pick up 6 of these.

If you have pets don’t forget to check the pet section. Beth scored this cool dog bed at 90% off.  I wish I would have thought to check for these, we need a new dog bed. 

Jasmin found a really cool Hearth & Hand Cart! 

I can’t believe May found both the Peace and Joy signs at 90% off.  These were gone at my store within a week.  

Nancy’s haul includes some fun trays, plaid pillows, bowls and more. 

Tiffany scored!!  Just look at all the fun stuff she found.

Lindsey found this Dash waffle maker in in the regular kitchen section.  If you can find it too it will be only $.99.

Megan’s haul includes apparel, towels, 15 Days of Socks and cute finger puppets.   Make sure you check the More Than Magic beanies for girls, lots are ringing up at only $1.

Rebecca grabbed a ton of More Than Magic items!  These will make great gifts to have on hand for parties throughout the year.

Faith picked up some apparel for kids, lots of wrapping paper, baking racks & more.  I love trying to find wrapping paper than can be used year round for birthday, weddings, etc.

Jolie was very pleased with her all of her clearance deals.  Notice the LED letter boards!  I haven’t seen those mentioned yet.

Karen found some gorgeous pillows and I can’t believe she found 2 trees.

Brenda found the red and gold plasticware as part of the Christmas clearance.

Check out this beautiful Floral arrangement Nic found, it was only $1.49.  Make sure to check your store for flower and plants too.

We want to thank you all for sharing your super 90% off clearance deals with us. Here are some of the ways you can share your photos with us:

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  1. Thanks for this. Do you know if the Christmas food / candy goes 90% off at some point? My store still has a ton of food but it’s at 70% off.

    1. Food hasn’t gone 90% off in many years except for this past Halloween. Since it had a separate markdown schedule, I doubt food will go 90 this Christmas.

  2. Ugh. So much of the stuff pictured rings up full price at the Target stores near me…even the things that are blatantly Christmas stock. Do you know if clearance prices are set by store/region?

    1. A lot of the things that ring up full price on the scanner but come up at the 90% off price at the register. If it doesn’t and it’s clearly Christmas most of the workers will just take off the 90%

      1. I had at least ten items that had Christmas on the tags of the item and the cashier said she has to go by what it scans. I had socks for kitchen day, treat bags and other gift bags. She just looked at me and shrugged when I pointed out the Santa head on the socks. Oh well!

      2. I found kids stuff that was clearly Christmas that were still ringing full price. The cashier gave me 70% off. ??‍♀️

      3. Unfortunately no one would do that at the three stores I went to! I even had a bunch of Wondershop items ringing up at full price! Such a shame because I suspect a lot of the stuff that doesn’t sell will just end up in a landfill.

  3. any tips on how long beauty items last? If we buy to keep as gifts for next year, will they still be ok (face masks, lip balm, etc.)?

    1. Most will have a little product icon on the back with a month range. The BH eyeshadows I purchased for example, are good for 24 months and will totally be gifts next Christmas.

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