My 70% off Target Shopping Trip (Luggage, Tent and more)

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I love Thursdays at Target! Thursday seems to be the best day for department markdowns in my opinion, so many great departments do their markdowns on Thursday. Here are all the items I was able to purchase yesterday, all of these items were 70% off. Booyah!

Woo hoo!   I got my luggage I was waiting for!   I was hoping for one large and 2 carry on pieces, and that is exactly what I was able to find.  The fun polka dot one is for my daughter, I will be giving it to her for her birthday.   She has always wanted some “fun luggage” not just a boring black one.  With this clearance I was able to buy her some “fun luggage”.

  • Grip by High Sierra 32″ Wheeled Duffle $53.98 (reg $179.99)
  • Grip by High Sierra $41.98 (reg $139.99) Wheeled Duffle Carry-On $53.98 (reg $179.99)
  • Heys Polka Dot Carry On $23.98 (reg $79.99)

I am very pleased with the Coleman Instant Tent and Canopy I picked up. We had an instant canopy that we bought over 15 years ago and it needed to be replaced big time.

  • Coleman Instant Tent $59.98 (reg $199.99)
  • Coleman 13×13 Instant Canopy $50.98 (reg $169.99)

Lastly, I am beyond thrilled to have scored a Swiss Army knife at 70% off. My youngest just entered cub scouts and he has informed me that he totally needs a pocket knife now that he is a scout. We have given all our other boys a pocket knife on their birthday, and now my youngest will get one too.

What has been your favorite clearance find at Target recently. Let’s hear about it!

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  1. Wow, what great items you got on clearance, Christy! I was so bummed there was no time for me to head to Target to see the camping clearance yesterday. I bought the instant canopy when it was 50% off a few wks ago & was hoping to go back to see if it was at 70% but then only had 2 available then, so I thought I’d better not wait. Great for camping trips! I am going to have to go by today though, just to see if there’s anything left in the luggage dept – that polka dot suitcase is so cute! Your daughter will love it!

  2. I was very happy to have found the instant tent as well but at the store I noticed it being a little wonky so I opened it up and it was covered in sand. I had the customer service annotate my receipt with this information hoping someone just used it and returned because truthfully that price is cheaper than Craigslist sale.

    No luck it was broken 🙁 I wish I lived in a city where everyone did not coupon saying this after I checked another store. I know there is a bigger and better deal around the corner though so I’m putting it out there……Come find me my tent. 😉

    1. You might try contacting Coleman directly, maybe they can fix it or offer a replacement. I don’t know if it will work, but it might be worth a try.

  3. That tent is fantastic! I bought it at 50% off and our family of 4 (including our little cub acout) has already used it. It goes up as easy a an easy up! Great purchase. You’ll love it

    1. The tent says it sleeps 9, but they always seem to say more than will really fit. I am sure you could easily fit 6, we have a family of 7.

      1. Yay! I went back tonight and they had that 9 person tent. I saw it there last night but it wasn’t marked on clearance at all so I didn’t check the price. I also got the same canopy, which will be so nice for our back yard this summer! Thank you!

  4. I went out last night after your post and picked up 4 ripsticks for $19.00 a piece 70%! Also found two Thermos bottles marked down 70%, and a croquet set for $11!

  5. I bought a rolling carry-on ($19.50) and a rolling duffle ($24) too yesterday. I saw the swiss army tools, but I want one with scissors, not just blades, so I didn’t buy it. My store didn’t have canopies, but they had tents and wrap-around netting for the canopies on sale.

  6. I found a Cars themed fishing pole for my son for only 3 dollars and a little kids tackle box for the same price! I was excited for that. Although the fishing pole line was totally in one big solid knot and wrapped around the reel and ugh, it was a mess but with patience and 20 minutes later in the store I un did it all, wound it back nicely and now my son is ecstatic and cannot wait to catch a big one 🙂

  7. I forgot to look at the luggage tonight, the kids were acting up so we were rushing through the store. I did find a 13 x 13 canopy for $50 and a queen size aero bed for $50. I was happy with those purchases, but I will need to go back in the morning to look at the luggage we need a new carry on bag.

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