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Once upon a time, I was a picky cosmetics consumer…Oh wait – that’s right now. If you’re anything like me, you take great care in choosing the kinds of beauty products that you use. It can feel daunting to find products that are reasonably-priced, cruelty-free, easily available, high quality, and oh yeah, that perfect shade of pink that you saw on someone else that one time and have been trying desperately to find ever since. I recently had the opportunity to partner with Lique Cosmetics, a lip cosmetics brand that just so happens to be all of those things! 

The Lique brand is new to Target and is now available at select stores! They carry Lique products like lip gloss, lip balm, lip scrub, and a lip masque – the ultimate moisturizer, which is of course a necessity during the dry, dry, winter season, where my usual look consists of cracked lips and peeling skin.

I have searched far and wide for a good lip shade, and the “Forever Young” Lique lip gloss has officially ended my search. If you like neutral, pale pinks with a glamorous shimmer, look no further. Oh, and say goodbye to that weird, sticky feeling that too often accompanies lip products, this stuff is smooth as butter.  Plus, I love the fact that it is made with all natural ingredients.

For a more simple, and “on-the-go” type of product, the lip balm has got you covered. It seriously glides right across your lips. I find myself doing that thing where you’re just swiping back and forth for five minute because it’s just so smooth! And the creamy, soft lips after the fact are of course a big plus as well!  They have a great fresh scent too.

For a more complete treatment, the lip scrub has you covered. Apply it as a base coat before your color and enjoy the exfoliating feel of smooth lips.

Likewise, the lip masque works great as a base coat that locks in that moisture (but can also be the star of the show and stand alone if you’re simply going for a more subtle color.)

If you’re in the market for a great look and superb lip moisturizers, (because I mean, who isn’t?) pop over to Target and pick up some Lique lip products today!  You can also check out their entire line over at


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