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Reader’s Target 90% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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We thought it would be fun to share some photos of 90% off clearance deals from our readers! Make sure you check out our Target Christmas clearance 2022 post that is filled with tons of items you may want to look for when you head to Target!

Kristie was thrilled with the 3 sheet sets she found! She even found a pair of cool Merry Vibes slippers!

Carrie scored all of these Zak tumblers! These would be great to give as gifts for birthdays.

Justin found a ton of blanket, they were only $1.50 each (reg $15).

Melissa spotted a super hidden clearance deal! These Funko Pop Tee & Figure set were only $2.99. 

Wow! Check out this beautiful Project 62 marble tray Alyssa scored! It was only $4 (reg $40).

Lauren found a ton of kids’ pajamas at her store!! These would be great to pick up save for next year!

Shelley was thrilled with the throw blankets she found! The Starbucks cup was only 70% off.

Jamie was one of the lucky ones and grabbed this beautiful Studio McGee faux tree for 90% off! It was only $18 (reg $180).

Kristine did great! She scored a couple of really neat cat scratchers along with extension cords, wrapping paper and more.

Kim came across this facial steamer in the cosmetics section, it was $3 (reg $30).

I love the wooden countdown calendar Erica brought home.  She also found lots of great beauty sets too.

How cool are these Baby Yoda plush toys Jaime found on her clearance shopping trip!

Ellen picked up a bunch of plates, soap dispensers and more.  You can check out even more clearance deals she found in the picture below. 

Carrie was surprised to find these Olay body lotions ringing up at 90% off!  Score!!

Jennifer snatched up a ton of those cute spatulas! These would be cool to add to a cookbook and give as a gift next year.

Catherine was over the moon to find these Studio McGee vases at 90% off!  They all were $2.50 each

Check out these adorable Disney mugs Jennifer spotted! You can have a peek at all of the other clearance items she brought home in the picture below.  I believe these are only sold at stores with a Disney store.

Holy cow! Sarah scored a ton of holiday apparel including the fun 15 days of socks advent calendars for only $1.60 each!

Sarah also grabbed some extension cords, auto vacuums and more.

I am really intrigued by the Marshmallow Raider guns Sarah found!   She also scored some great games too!

Kayla got lucky and found a Survival blade and a classic multi-tool set.

Rachel found a variety of games I haven’t seen before!

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  1. Lucky finds at 90 percent! Thanks for sharing the awesome photos so we can keep our eyes open for hidden clearance too!

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