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Target: Some School Supplies Ringing up at 90% off

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90 off school supplies

I have heard from several people that they are finding some school supplies ringing up at 90% off.    These items probably won’t have a red clearance sticker on them (items with a red sticker generally only go to 70% off.      Check out all the of the items above that Pam was able to purchase for only $2.13.   Amazing!!

Traci school supplies

Here are all the items Traci found at 90% off. Remember these items won’t have a red clearance tag on them, so if you find an item you think may be 90% off use the scanner to check!

Here is what I have heard people are finding at 90% off:

  • Single Packs of Post-it Notes
  • Red Paper Mate Pens
  • Book Covers
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Character Comp Books
  • 2-pack Up & Up Glue Sticks

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  1. It’s happening in NC. Folders were a penny! Spiral 70-page notebooks were 2 cents and the plastic-cover spiral notebooks were only 9 cents each.

    1. Just heard that everything went to salvage in our local stores today – so it’s off the shelves to make room for HALLOWEEN.

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