Target Easter Clearance 2016

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I am sharing the number of days after Easter that the Easter clearance went to 50%, 70% and 90% off at Target.  This will give us a good idea of when the markdowns may take place this year.   Keep in mind that Easter is earlier this year than the previous year so they may not be in a big rush to clear things out, so it could be slower this year.

  • 50% off (30% off food) – 1 day after Easter
  • 70% off (50% off food) – 3-4 days after Easter
  • 90% off (70% off food) – 6-7 days after Easter

With these days in mind, here are the days we might expect the Easter items to go on clearance

  • 50% off (30% off food) – Monday, March 28th
  • 70% off (50% off food) – Wednesday, March 30th or Thursday, March 31st
  • 90% off (70% off food) – Saturday, April 2nd or Sunday, April 3rd

I took a few photos of some items that were in the Easter section that may end up in their respective departments, so you may want to check the toys or beauty aisle for these items.


Nivea Lip Butter in Cocoa Butter and Raspberry Rose.


Phase 10 card game, I also saw UNO card games too.


Small Super Soaker called Zip Fire.


Nerf Footballs in orange and silver.


Duncan Yo-Yos in red and green.

We will do our best to alert you to when the markdowns have taken place here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for posting the pictures. This is my “go to” site for Target’s holiday clearance. Keep up the great job!!!!!

  2. I love what you do….. and I love Target clearance!
    Quick question….Is there any way you could include DCPI or UPCs on the products when you post? That way I can check Brickseek before making the drive. Thought I would ask for future clearance posts. 😉

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